Every Animal Crossing Villager Problem The Next Game Can Fix

While Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a great success for Nintendo, there are some issues with the iconic Animal Crossing villagers that could definitely be fixed in the next installment of the series. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a total of 413 different villagers, but for all their differences in personality and visual appeal, there are some underlying problems that should be fixed in the next Animal Crossing game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers range over 35 different species, and each individual has one of eight personalities: normal, snooty, lazy, smug, cranky, big sister, jock, or peppy. These differences go a long way in differentiating the many villagers, and certainly keep the community talking about which are their favorites and which best compliment islands of various kinds.


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Yet even with so many singles Animal Crossing villagers, personalities, and species, there are still problems that Nintendo could definitely address in the next Animal Crossing game. While the villagers are all adorable in their own way, and some even have cult followings, there are a number of changes that would be welcome. Villagers are a key part of any Animal Crossing game and they can make or break players’ experience, making them the most important of any future game in the franchise.

Animal Crossing Villagers Should Be Allowed To Wear Pants

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute and unique clothing for the player to wear, including outfits that are already put together, like farmer’s overalls. The villagers, however, cannot properly wear any of these outfits. While any Animal Crossing shirt or dress from Able Sisters given to a villager works fine, any outfit that is pants becomes a dress. While this could be understandable if it was the rule for all non-player characters, NPCs like Wardell and Kicks wear pants. Even Tom Nook sports some khaki shorts in the summertime. the next Animal Crossing game should allow players to customize their villagers even more with more types of clothing.

New Horizons Conversations Channel Groundhog’s Day

One of the main parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay is talking with villagers every day to build up a friendship. Players are gifted a framed photo of the villager once their Animal Crossing villager friendship level has reached its peak. Players can find the villagers around the island, in the museum, or even in their homes. With eight different personality types, one would think that there would be more diverse conversations.

Each villager personality type has the same set of dialog depending on the situation. Unfortunately, this dialog set is ultimately rather small. Players will end up having the same conversation repeatedly with different villagers on the same day, especially if a player’s island has multiples of one personality type. This is especially evident during events like the Mardi Gras-themed Animal Crossing Festivale and the fireworks in August. It becomes tedious for players to have the same conversation over and over again and the fix to this is quite simple: add more dialog.

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Another remedy to this issue would be to give the player more dialog options. Aside from a few interactions where villagers will ask questions, players only have a few things that they can say to their villagers. Nintendo needs to give Animal Crossing players an opportunity to have actual conversations with villagers, instead of the interactions being so one-sided.

Allowing Evictions Would Make Animal Crossing Villager Collecting Easier

Animal Crossing New Horizons Worst Villager Tier List

When a player in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has an empty plot of land, they have an opportunity to hunt for a new villager or to let the plot auto-fill. Self-filling is risky. With over 400 beautiful and hideous villagers in Animal Crossing, some cuter than others, odds are good that the player will end up with a villager that they did not want. Unfortunately for the player, they are now stuck with this new villager until this villager asks to move out or they use an amiibo to inject a new villager into the plot. Authentic amiibos can be difficult to find and some are rare.

In Resident Services, Isabelle lets the player discuss a resident with her if the player is having problems with them, but this does not have much impact and does not allow players to kick out the villager. It may seem heartless to some but for those with islands that are certain themes, some villagers just don’t fit and players need to find creative ways to make Animal Crossing villagers leave. the next Animal Crossing installation needs to make it easier for players to evict villagers, or at least make it easier to find the villager that they want.

There Isn’t Enough Diversity In Animal Crossing Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons All Deer Villagers

With 35 species and eight different personality types, one would think that Animal Crossing: New Horizons had a diverse cast of characters. However, these personality types have certain limitations to them: only male villagers can be the cranky, jock, smug, and lazy personality types; only female villagers can be the snooty, big sister, peppy, and normal personality types.

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Nintendo needs to expand on these Animal Crossing: New Horizons gendered personality types and give players different combinations like a lazy female villager or a peppy male villager. This would help to add more options and diversity to the dialog in the game, in addition to simply increasing the representation of different kinds of villagers (which human players would undoubtedly like more options for as well). The end result would be a more welcoming, diverse island with (hopefully) a greater variety of conversation.

The Animal Kingdom Should Be Better Represented By Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Bear Cub Stitches

Many fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizonsand the Animal Crossing series as a whole, have already expressed their desire to see more animal species for villagers. New Horizons does, as mentioned, sport 35 different species types for villagers, but there are other species types specific to individual NPCs that it would be nice to see represented in other villagers as well, not to mention the plethora of animal types simply absent from the game .

There are a lot of real-world species that would make great Animal Crossing villagers. The only current aquatic species present is octopi, and this could definitely be changed with the addition of fish, turtles, or (semi-aquatic) platypuses. Incorporating some of the NPC animal types as villagers would also help, like otters, manatees, foxes, and skunks.

No new game has been announced yet for the Animal Crossing series, but there are a lot of things that Nintendo can consider to make it even more successful than Animal Crossing: New Horizons. An overhaul of the villagers to improve dialogue and diversity would help players become even more invested in the game. Hopefully, Nintendo will soon give fans some insight into what is next for one of their most successful franchises.

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