Elden Ring: Where to Get the Beast-Repellent Torch

The Beast Repelling Torch is an incredibly useful weapon that has the ability to keep some of the Elden Ring’s most annoying enemies at bay.

elden ring it often places players in dark environments, where lack of visibility can quickly turn deadly, so carrying a weapon such as the Beast Repelling Torch is highly recommended. elden ring, unlike previous FromSoftware games, features a variety of torches, each unique in its own way. The Beast Repelling Torch, for example, is much more than just a light source, as it also possesses the unique ability to repel beasts when carried. Those who fight bestial enemies in the game, such as dogs or basilisks, would do well to acquire it, as it is very effective in dealing with them.


The Beast Repelling Torch is the best Strength Scaling Torch in the game, but its real value comes from its ability to repel Beast-type enemies. While players are wielding this weapon, most beasts will back away from its light and keep their distance from the player without attacking. However, this effect does not work on the strongest beasts in the game, and is often best used to prevent the player from being overwhelmed by groups of pesky, rapidly attacking enemies. elden ring.

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The repelling effect of the torch will work on Wolves, Dogs, Giant Caelid Dogs, Bears, Rats, Basilisks, and Snails, but will have no effect on Runebears, Caelid Crows, Warhawks, Bats, Crabs, Giant Ants, Land Octopuses, and Eyed Beasts. bright reds. It’s also important to note that the Beast Repelling Torch will only work while players aren’t attacking the enemy. Like most torches, this weaponry cannot be infused with Ashes of War, but can be upgraded with Smithing Stones.

Where to buy Beast Repelling Torch in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Map Merchant Isolated Caelid

To acquire the Beast Repelling Torch, players will need to find the Secluded Trader in Caelid and purchase it from him for 1,200 Runes. There are two ways to get to him from the beginning of the game. The longest route will have players take the main road that leads to elden ring Stormveil Castle and turn east before reaching the lock in front of the gate. After that, players just need to follow the main road leading east until they reach a smoking wall. Jump on it to find the Rotview balcony grace site, then look northeast to see the secluded merchant’s shack on top of a hill.

Elden Ring Isolated Merchant Beast Repelling Torch Map Location

Alternatively, players can travel to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins found to the east of the First Step Site of Grace in Limgrave and find the stairs that lead to a cellar. Players can then open a chest to be teleported to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid, elden ring easternmost region. Next, players need to exit the cave by following the path that leads down and then continue southwest around the Rotten Lake until they find the Aeonia Swamp Shore grace site. From there, they must travel north until they find the Smoking Wall and follow it east until they can see the Secluded Trader’s Shack on top of the hill to the north.

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elden ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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