Elden Ring: How To Get The Sacrificial Axe

To obtain the sacrificial ax that restores FP in the Elden Ring, Tarnished adventurers must search the southern half of the Weeping Peninsula for a Field Boss.

The Sacrificial Ax is a light close range weapon in elden ring imbued with a passive buff that restores 4 FP from enemy death. This ax is a useful tool as you don’t need to land the killing blow to replenish FP. As a result, tarnished adventurers can use two-handed claws or a sword with the sacrificial ax in their left hand and still receive FP from their passive bonus on elden ring.

The Sacrificial Ax’s FP restore also stacks with other gear, such as the Ancestral Spirit’s Horn Talisman. With both equipped, Tarnished can replenish up to 7 FP per kill. Several Tarnished have also discovered that the ax replenishes FP when another player’s red ghost from a bloodstain “dies”. This effect can be repeated infinitely on a single bloodstain. Also, despite the weapon’s description regarding “FP restored on enemy kill”, any entity that dies near the player will regenerate their FP. For example, during the Radahn boss battle, summonable spirits will grant the player 4 FP upon death, even though they are not a hostile entity.


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To get the sacrificial ax in elden ring, Tarnished must defeat a Deathbird in Weeping Peninsula. Unfortunately, this elden ring Field Boss spawns in a small clearing off the main path, which can cause many players to miss this boss.

Get the sacrificial ax in Elden Ring

Sacrificial Ax Location in Elden Ring

To find this Deathbird, travel south from the Bridge of Sacrifice to Castle Morne Rampart’s Site of Grace. After making your way through the collapsed wall to the Map Fragment, turn right and head up the rocky slope to reach a giant chunk of rubble near the outer walls. Down in the patch of grass below is where the field boss will spawn. Note that Deathbirds only emerge after dark, meaning nothing will spawn if Tarnished visits this area during the day.

Enemies within Weeping Peninsula spawn at a relatively low level, particularly between levels 20 and 30. So Tarnished that engage this Deathbird after reaching Liurnia or Altus Plateau will likely be able to take it down. elden ring Field Boss in less than a minute. On the other hand, those starting a new adventure may still find the beast a bit challenging. Consequently, one way to burn this Deathbird would be to stand on the giant piece of rubble nearby and shoot the boss with arrows or spells until he dies. Once the creature has been defeated, tarnished adventurers will receive the Sacrificial Ax which restores FP in elden ring.

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elden ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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