Elden Ring: How To Get The Fingerprint Set

To obtain the fingerprint set in the Elden Ring, players must defeat the tarnished boss of an Evergaol in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

A unique armor set that each elden ring Fans will no doubt have seen the iconic set of fingerprints, the outfit of the kneeling knight on the main cover of the game. As one of three “poster” armor sets from elden ring, each piece of armor in the outfit is thematically and visually well-designed, giving off an extraordinary sense of quality. In addition, the fingerprint game in elden ring It offers high protection at a relatively low equipment load cost and repairable resistors, excluding high robustness.

To get the set of fingerprints in elden ring, adventurers must find and defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke, Lord Contender’s lackluster boss of Evergaol in the tops of the Giant Mountains. Those who have explored the mountains of northeastern Liurnia will have encountered this character before as an invader known as Festering Fingerprint Vyke. This enemy is equipped with frenzied flame enchantments and a spear that can inflict a stack of madness. However, the Evergaol variant of this NPC is much more challenging and deadly to fight.


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Lord Contender’s eternal prison is located on a slope near the beginning of Whiteridge Road in the region of the tops of the Giant Mountains. To get to this place, the misted travelers must go through the Forbidden Lands after defeating Morgott of Leyndell and head to the large Frozen Lake in the northeast. Then watch out for the lake’s guardian dragon, Borealis the Freezing Fog, ride southwest to find Vyke’s Evergaol. Alternatively, misted adventurers can head west from Marika’s First Church and use the Spiritspring Jump near the ridge to reach the boss arena.

Where to find the fingerprint game in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Where To Find Fingerprint Set Map Location

To defeat Roundtable Knight Vyke and acquire his Fingerprint Set at elden ring, players need to understand the general mechanics of this boss in order to take it down. First of all, Vyke will always start the fight by throwing Vyke’s Dragonbolt and will continue to throw it for the duration of the battle. This enchantment will imbue his spear with devastating lightning damage but will ironically make him more vulnerable to lightning-related attacks. Next, note that he barely wields his two-handed weaponry at all. elden ringmeaning the best way to avoid his punches and stabs is by rolling to his left, the player’s right.

The main attack that Tarnished must avoid at all costs is Vyke’s jump. This ability can potentially stagger and penetrate through his armor, causing players to be single shot. He has poor balance, which makes him very vulnerable to any weapon arts or abilities that might stagger him. Also, he can be easily punished when he throws Vyke’s Dragonbolt or executes a missed spear hit from a distance. However, one way to instantly end the fight is to cast Inescapable Frenzy as soon as he appears from the ground. As Tarnished, Vyke can be inflicted and killed with spells related to madness. However, timing can be tricky and may require multiple attempts. Once Roundtable Knight Vyke has been killed, players will receive the set of fingerprints at elden ring.

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elden ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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