Egencia vs TripActions – 2022 Comparison

Find the Correct Travel management solution for your business needs may seem like a tall order. You want a solution that offers expense tracking capabilities, credit card integration, automation capabilities, and more.

Here, we will compare some of the top TMCs: Egencia and TravelActions. We’ll see what works, what doesn’t, and what real-life users say about them.

As a bonus, we’ll also introduce you to an alternative to both, which could give you exactly what you’re looking for in a modern TMC. Stay tuned for more.


Egencia is a corporate travel management company recently acquired by American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX). It is a solution for large and medium-sized companies that need to send their employees around the world.

It is positioned as a solution to help companies manage risk, increase traveler well-being and maximize ROI in business travel. In addition, it supports six languages ​​and is used in 60 countries.

According to Egencia, its main features include:

  • Green Travel Program: to reduce carbon emissions for greener corporate travel.
  • Duty of diligence and risk management: to ensure the well-being of your employees from the moment they book to the moment they return home.
  • VAT recovery and refund: so you can save on your travel budget.
  • Response to COVID-19: protect your employees wherever they go and comply with security measures against COVID-19.

What Egencia Users Are Saying:

Egencia user reviews praise how easy and intuitive it is. Platform users like how they can book everything from one place and easily compare flights and hotels.

It is a very easy to use platform to book flights, hotels and rental cars, among other things.– Courtney K., G2 Review

“It brings together all the available flights in one view that I can filter based on the specific requirements I have (time/day/cost/etc).” – Capterra Review

However, it’s not all good news for Egencia users. Many complain about the mobile app features and loading speed and overall there are some improvements that they would like to see.

In today’s age, you need an application that is easy to use, fast, and has all the features that the desktop site has. This doesn’t.” – Scott K., Capterra Review

“I wish they would include a few more cheap flight options. Sometimes I can find much cheaper flights on Expedia from well-known airlines that are not on Egencia.” – Anthony M., G2 Review

My coworker and I had to call Egencia to get receipts for our hotel stay and had to wait on hold for 20 minutes, other than that they are great!” – Daniel L., G2 review

Looking at Egencia’s overall performance, it gets the job done. However, there are some improvements to the mobile app and customer service that are badly needed by users. They also do not offer a free trial, which is not ideal for small businesses.

Trip Actions

TripActions is a complete travel and expense management platform. Help businesses of all sizes with policy compliance, online booking, mobile travel solutions, expense reporting, traveler notifications and more.

Its artificial intelligence technology provides actionable recommendations based on your company policies, real-time information on your employees’ travel expenses, and a comprehensive business travel management experience.

TripActions says its main features include:

  • Sustainable travel management: allowing you to reduce the carbon footprint of your company.
  • Large inventory: so you can find the hotels and airlines that fit your needs.
  • AI-powered technology: increase savings by finding the cheapest deals and recommending the services you really need.
  • Management of corporate cards: to make sure you’re always in control by embedding policy into corporate card spend and automating reporting.

What TripActions users are saying:

TripActions users find the software quite easy to use once you get used to its features, which users report can take a bit of time. However, once they become familiar with the software, users report how useful the insights the platform provides are.

“The different products are hard to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s relatively easy to use.” – Clyde A., Capterra Review

Although some users give it good feedback, many have some valid complaints about the platform. For example, some travelers complain about integrations with airlines and other apps that seem to hurt the overall functionality of their booking tool.

Some users also complain about the organization of the search results, which can make them confusing.

“I had to buy two one-way tickets because the round-trip options didn’t allow me to book the flights at the times I wanted.” – Kyle K., G2 Review

Add-ons can’t be booked through TripActions, which means if the only available seats are economy, you can’t add the ability to choose seats or pay for checked bags in the app. You have to pay for them separately and receive a refund. – Grace H., G2 review

“I found myself using my airplane app to get real-time flight notifications instead of TripActions.” – Brenton D., G2 Review

Another issue some users are reporting is that the workflow and approval process is clunky and not optimized to streamline booking.

“The only hurdle may be that trips need to be approved by an approver before going to the booking page.” – Capterra Review

TripActions is a versatile travel and expense management company. Although it has some advantages, issues in its functionality, mobile app, and difficult to understand onboarding process may be a deal breaker for some.

A new alternative: TravelPerk

Now that we’ve seen what Egencia and TripActions can do, let’s take a look at a TMC that we think is better suited for the job and has more praise in well-deserved reviews: TravelPerk.

TravelPerk is a top-notch all-in-one travel management software. It was developed to give travelers and their managers the freedom and control they need to book travel seamlessly. TravelPerk is a strong alternative to Egencia and TripActions, combining the best of both worlds.

TravelPerk offers a seamless travel management experience by providing expense management software, duty of care and travel risk management, flexible travel options and more.

It’s not without reason that Revolut, Grammarly, Uber, and other big companies rely on TravelPerk when it comes to making their travel management easy and worry-free.

TravelPerk also integrates with other apps like Expensify, BambooHR, Mobileexpense, Ramp and many more. This allows users to take travel management to the next level by integrating with their existing platforms and workflows.

TravelPerk’s concierge services, real-time notifications and intuitive software give you all the services a full-fledged travel agency would provide, all in one platform. Also, unlike Egencia and TripActions—TravelPerk does not charge a subscription fee. You only pay when you travel.

Key features of TravelPerk include:

  • Industry leading travel inventory: to find your corporate travelers the best offers in the market, including low cost. TravelPerk’s negotiated rates ensure you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.
  • Great autonomy and flexibility of the traveler with 100% compliance: to get your traveler where they need to be within the limits of your travel policy.
  • Top-notch customer service – available 24/7– No matter what, know that the TravelPerks team is there for you, all day, every day.
  • FlexiPerk: Guarantees at least 80% of users’ money refunded when canceling up to 2 hours before departure.
  • GreenPerk: offset your carbon footprint by investing in sustainable initiatives from TravelPerk’s sustainability team.

Let’s see what TravelPerk users are saying about the platform.

What TravelPerk users are saying:

TravelPerk users praise the user-friendly interface and excellent customer support team. They also like how affordable pay-per-ride is and enjoy the low-cost pricing options it offers.

What I liked the most was having the app on mobile and offline to show my tickets. The platform is easy to use and with just a few clicks you can create your trip. – Marta P. G2 Review

“The product is very intuitive for travelers to book trips that are within budget and company travel schedules. The approval flow is extremely simple and centralized billing is very easy. The concierge service is excellent.” – Fraser H., SoftwareAdvice Review

Another feature that users love is the ability to see where their colleagues have stayed before. This gives them a better idea of ​​what to expect and the opportunity to ask for recommendations.

Let’s take a look at a direct comparison of these three travel management solutions so you can make your final decision:

egency Trip Actions TravelPerk
Implementation cycle Moderate Length Small
Customer Support Moderate Moderate Excellent
Prices Moderate Expensive Economic
travel inventory Moderate Moderate Excellent
preparation for the EU Excellent Poor Excellent
user experience Moderate Excellent Excellent
mobile experience Moderate Excellent Excellent
governance and control Excellent Poor Excellent
Reports and analysis Moderate Moderate Excellent
obligation to care Moderate Moderate Excellent
traveler experience Moderate Moderate Excellent
rewards program Moderate Excellent Excellent
integrations Moderate Moderate Excellent
Expense management Moderate Excellent Excellent

Take off with TravelPerk

After comparing these three travel management platforms, we can see the pros and cons of each, with user reviews being the ultimate proof of value.

While other TMCs do their job and offer a decent experience to their users, TravelPerk shows outstanding performance. TravelPerk offers everything you need from your corporate travel management solution.

Ready to manage your corporate travel needs seamlessly? Sign up today and start traveling with TravelPerk.

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