Doctor Who Showrunner Expects Timeless Child Twist To Be Ignored

Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall has revealed that he hopes his controversial Timeless Child retcon will be ignored in the future of the show.

doctor who Showrunner Chris Chibnall thinks future showrunners will ignore his controversial Timeless Child twist. No one can blame the current. doctor who showrunner Chris Chibnall for his ambition. His tenure is most notable for one of the biggest retcons in doctor who history; the idea that the Doctor is not a Time Lord at all. Instead, she is the Eternal Child, a being that potentially predates the universe itself and became the base genetic code for the entire race of Time Lords.

The Timeless Child retcon divided the show’s fanbase. Some have passionately objected to it, angry at how it violates existing canon. Others are willing to wait and see, curious about where the story is headed, because so far it feels incomplete, as if Chibnall has laid a foundation on which he will build in the next Centenary Special. That will mark the end of the Chibnall era, with Russell T. Davies, the man responsible for doctor who is revival in 2005 – returning. Davies has already expressed his support for the Timeless Child retcon, interpreting it simply as opening up unlimited perspectives for future stories.


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However, despite Davies’s public statements, it appears that Chibnall hopes that Davies will move away from the Eternal Child. “Their one of the few drama series without a written bible, and each era contains a contradiction or left turn of what came before,“, observed in an interview with radio schedules. “Any future showrunners will either ignore it or continue with it… Oh I hope Russell ignores it!

In truth, Chibnall’s statement is quite shocking. There is a strong sense in which the Eternal Child is perceived to define the Chibnall era; for him, expecting Davies to ignore him is tantamount to admitting that it hasn’t worked. There will undoubtedly be intense debate about whether the concept was fundamentally flawed, the execution faltered, or the coronavirus pandemic severely disrupted Chibnall’s plans. Whatever the reason, Chibnall seems to hope this idea will be treated in the same way as previous attempts to redefine the Doctor, such as an ill-advised twist in the 1996 film. doctor who TV movie that revealed the Doctor to be half human.

Chibnall may hope to redefine his mandate. Doctor Who: Flow and the doctor who Holiday Special, “Eve of the Daleks”, was notable for promoting a relationship between Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and her partner Yaz. This latest companion romance will be further developed in the Spring Special, “Legend of the Sea Devils”, and has already been confirmed to continue in the Centenary Special. Chibnall may well be changing, intending to make this relationship the emotional center of his life. doctor who story instead of the Eternal Child.

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Source: Radio Times

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