Dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal and Cecily Strong Goes Awry

Jake Gyllenhaal hosted saturday night live this week with musical guest Camila Hair, and the show had some great sketches, though there were also a few who couldn’t make the show. In a time-cut skit, we got to see Gyllenhaal play the dean of a college that he invited to his colleges (Andrew Dismukes Y Chloe Fineman) to have dinner with him and his wife (cecilia strong). Professor Williams and his wife, Vanessa Williams, are clearly enjoying their own dinner, but their guests want to leave because they are trying to have a baby.

The revelation accidentally sparks a strange fight between the professor and his wife when he blames her for the lack of children, although she has her own thoughts on the matter. It all leads to the revelation that Professor Williams is, in fact, an artist who refuses to show his work to anyone and his wife is fed up. The pieces in question? Photos of dogs in various poses. Like reading a newspaper, or dressing like Yoda from Star Wars and so on and so on.


This is definitely one of those sketches where Strong leans into the more outrageous aspect of his character, and it helps set the entire tone of the sketch.

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Fineman keeps asking the other couple why their art prevented them from having children and the response was simply to show more of the artwork instead of doing anything to give it an answer. The images get weirder and weirder, with the latest showing a dog wearing several fanny packs sitting on a bench. That, it is worth noting, it is the only one he finished working on.

The question of why they don’t have kids is never quite answered, and in the end the two talk about how they were made for each other, regardless of how distorted they view their relationship. It’s fun to watch Dismukes and Fineman try to navigate their dinner with these two and their theater, but the more the paintings were revealed, the funnier it became. Especially when one was just a photograph, but somehow it wasn’t finished either.

It makes sense why this one was cut for time, however it’s fun to see Strong in these roles. He nails them every time and this sketch was no exception and I hope he continues to play these strange characters.

Check out the sketch here:


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