Creator Reveals Which Characters Are Returning

Hwang Dong-hyukthe creator of the most popular South Korean series that was released last year squid gamerevealed that two big names in the survival drama series will be returning for the second season.

According to Deadline, this reveal came at the magazine’s annual Contenders Television at Paramount Studios, where Hwang and the actor Hae Soo Parkwho played Cho Sang-woo in the series, joined the TV editor white peter to talk about some of the things fans can expect from Season 2. During the event, the writer-director divulged that two characters from the series will be returning: the protagonist and one of the main antagonists. “Gi-hun for sure.” Hwang revealed, “He will be back, and I think the leader will be back as well.”


This year’s winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor for his role in the dystopian series, Lee Jung Jae, was Gi-hun, the sole survivor and winner of the series of deadly children’s games. At the end of the season, Gi-hun is shown deciding not to go see her daughter in the US, and instead appears to have decided to end the brutal annual games she was a part of. The Front Man, on the other hand, played by the Korean star Byung Hun Lee Beneath the mask is the antagonist who headed up the organization of the game, overseeing everything as the 456 penniless players risked their lives for the staggering prize pool of over 45 billion won.

The Guards at Squid Game on Netflix

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The return of these characters should come as no surprise, as they were among the few who survived to the end of the series. Still, this was Hwang’s first official confirmation that fans will see them back for Season 2. In mid-March, the creator also said at the PGA Awards that Ho Yeon Jungwho played the 67th player Kang Sae-byeok could come back as a twin sister, however this may have been just a joke.

Hwang also explained that the themes present in squid game, like economic inequality, will continue to be part of the Netflix series as well as his future works: “For this project and in future projects, it is impossible not to consider political polarization, cultural differences and difficulties, as well as the climate environmental. changes that have been occurring. I will be forced to observe and critique and continue to handle these issues in future projects.”

Since its launch in September last year, squid game became the most watched Netflix series. Fans around the world are now eagerly waiting for more details about Season 2 to come out.


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