Chicago Fire Season 10 Finale May See Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey Return

Chicago Fire boss Derek Haas is hopeful that fans will get to see the return of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey for the season 10 finale.

If all goes well, the chicago fire The season 10 finale hopes to delight fans by welcoming back Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. Spencer parted ways with the long-running NBC series in October 2021, after nearly a decade playing the role of Casey. As he was one of only six cast members to have been in the Dick Wolf production since it premiered in 2012, the 200th episode made a lot of fanfare about his departure.

Of course, there had always been plans for him to return to the chicago fire bend one way or another. The story wrote Casey by having her move to Oregon to care for his late best friend Andy Darden’s children, meaning she could travel back whenever she needed to. He and his on-screen girlfriend Sylvie Brett (played by Kara Killmer) didn’t even split up, and she left during episode 15 of this season to spend some time with Casey in Portland.


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while chatting with TV line during a One Chicago Day press conference, chicago fire Showrunner Derek Haas responded very positively to the idea of ​​Spencer appearing in the season 10 finale. “That would be amazing. It would be a blow to our show if we could convince Jesse to come back.” Haas shared enthusiastically. He even acknowledged that he had talked to the actor about bringing back the character of Casey the week before. “So the status of that is all systems look good.”

Though he didn’t want to make a promise he couldn’t keep, Haas did elaborate a bit on what the show’s best plans were for the season 10 finale:

“It is our great expectation that we will see both Casey and [his girlfriend] Brett in the [season] end, because giant, big, exciting things are going to happen. This will be the best ending ever, I’ll go ahead and say it.”

It’s clear that Spencer’s departure from the show was on amicable terms, something the actor himself emphasized when his departure was originally announced. After all, a decade of television would be exhausting for anyone, and Spencer had previously spent 8 seasons on the FOX drama. House. With such a long history on the small screen, it’s no wonder the Australian actor needed to take a break. But he showed great respect for chicago fire collaborating with the creative team and making sure you leave on a happy note and with the door open for your return.

While fans may soon be able to see the veteran TV star in the short film Rare fish in God’s waiting room opposite Amanda Righetti, the season 10 finale, if it pans out, will be his first chance to see him on screen this year. Derek Haas is right that his return will be a big hit, and longtime viewers will surely celebrate if his love interest Matt Casey returns for even a brief appearance. Until then, chicago fire airs every Wednesday night at 9 pm ET.

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Source: TV Line

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