Chad Stahelski to Direct Adaptation of Jeremy Robinson Novel

Deadline is reporting that John Wick director Chad Stahelsky has joined Sony TV and Original Film-developed adaptation of the Kaiju novel Project Nemesis as both the director and an executive producer.

Project Nemesis will be a Kaiju thriller series that is adapting the 2012 novel written by Jeremy Robinson of the same name. It is the first novel of The Nemesis Saga and sees the DNA of the titular Greek goddess of revenge, Nemesis, merged with Maigo, a little girl who was murdered. The result is a creature fueled by its trauma and pain that breaks out and damages across northeastern America, from the woods of Maine to the city of Boston, all in the search for their killer. The story will follow the man tasked with leading the response team to this monstrous threat, Jon Hudson, who is described as a sarcastic DHS agent who was mocked for leading the agency’s paranormal division. Now, now one is laughing. The Nemesis Saga went on to release a total of six novels between its debut in 2012 and 2016. The series has also had its first novel and prequel adapted into a comic series in 2015 and 2016.


Staheliski is a stuntman and director having done stunt work as well as serving as stunt coordinator in numerous films including The Matrix trilogy, The Expendables, and Dead Pool 2. When it comes to directing, he is best known for the John Wick franchise, serving as the director on the first three films, and will be returning to the role in the upcoming fourth installment that is set to release in 2023. In addition to Project Nemesisother upcoming projects for Stahelski include directing the upcoming henry cavill-starring remake of the 1986 film highlander as well as the adaptation of the 2020 video game Ghost of Tsushima. Both of these projects are currently in pre-production.

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Along with Stahelski, Neal H Moritz, Toby Jaffeand Pavun Shetty will also serve as executive producers via Original Films on the project. Jason Spitz will also executive produce. There is currently no casting announced for the film. Sony TV is the production studio for Project Nemesis. When it comes to joining Project Nemesis as director, Stahelski said, “I can’t say how excited I am to help bring Jeremy Robinson’s Project Nemesis to the screen. From the first moment I started reading it, I was hooked. This amazing book series has everything I love about the genre: martial arts, action, great characters, and of course, Kaiju!”

Project Nemesis does not yet have a release date or release date currently announced.


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