BOTW 2 Voice Actor Hints At Plot’s Time Jump or Flashback

In an interview, the Italian voice actor for Daruk seems to hint that the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may cross different times.

An interview with the Italian dub voice actor for Daruk may have spilled a possible spoiler for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Fans of the first game recently had to deal with disappointment as Nintendo announced breath of the wild release date has been pushed back to 2023. Breath of the Wild 2 was originally announced to come out in 2022, but Nintendo moved the date back to assure the quality of the game.

The first breath of the wild made an earth-shattering debut into the gaming world by breaking many beloved traditions the Legend of Zelda franchise is known for while making some new ones. Many titles have since tried to follow in its path. breath of the wild didn’t only give players a larger map with complete freedom to explore it all, it gave players a new kind of Zelda story spanning a century, with a new roster of characters that quickly became fan favorites. This of course includes Daruk, a Goron warrior of legend and one of the pilots for the Divine Beasts.


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As reported by nintendo wire, Daruk’s Italian dub voice actor, Pietro Ubaldi, accidentally revealed a possible spoiler about voicing Daruk’s ancestor. This reveal happened in an interview with an Italian Zelda fan page, Lega Hyrule. Ubaldi described this mystery ancestor character as “a bit more serious Daruk”. When asked if this ancestor was Darunia, another Goron character originally from Ocarina of TimeUbaldi replied “Do not”. However, this only crosses off one possibility out of many as to who this ancestor is, what sort of role they will play in Breath of the Wild 2, and what the apparent discovery of a voiced ancestor character means for the game’s story. If this ancestor information is confirmed to be true, this opens up questions as to how Link interacts with them.

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the Legend of Zelda series is no stranger to telling stories across time. The premise of the series itself is about Link, Zelda, and the evil Ganondorf being bound by destiny to keep reincarnating and doing battle with each other. It doesn’t stop there, for in Ocarina of Time Link can travel back and forth across seven years to save Hyrule. Wind Waker takes place many generations later, with references to Ocarina of Time‘s adventure with stained glass window representations of its characters among many other hints. Then of course there’s the first breath of the wild, where after a century-long sleep Link periodically gets flashbacks of his distant past. Therefore the possibility of Link either traveling back in time or perhaps seeing a vision of the past would fit right in with breath of the wild as well as other Legend of Zelda titles.

From dissecting the infamously confusing official timeline to finding similarities across characters and environments, Legend of Zelda fans have always been avid about looking for connections between the Zelda games to find how they all tie together into the overall story. Whether this supposed ancestor character is Darunia, another familiar Goron from a previous title, a new character entirely, or if they exist at all remains to be confirmed by an official source. However, this interesting tidbit is likely to get the gears in the heads of Breath of the Wild 2 fans turning with new theories.

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Source: NintendoWire, Lega Hyrule/Youtube

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