Black Site Trailer Shows Michelle Monaghan Facing Off Against Jason Clarke

Grab your popcorn and friends and get ready for your next night of high-action suspense. Redbox Entertainment is about to launch its new project black site in select theaters, on demand, and of course, at Redbox newsstands on May 3. Directed by the director sofia banksA trailer released today reveals a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish.

Opening about the arrest of the film’s main antagonist, Hatchet (jason clark), viewers can immediately feel the pressure behind leading lady Abby (Michelle Monaghan) desire to keep Hatchet within his grasp. Taken to a prison where only the world’s most dangerous criminals are housed, Hatchet is locked away forever. Or is it him? As the trailer progresses, it becomes clear that Abby has a personal vendetta against this crazy sadist. The interrogation of the newest prisoner seems to be going well as Hatchet breaks out of his confines and begins a reign of terror, freeing all the detainees from his cells. Trapped and racing against the clock for their lives, Abby and her teammates must find a way to not only stop Hatchet, but also uncover the backstabbing moles within their ranks. If we’re being honest, the trailer seems to cover most of the movie leaving little to be discovered. But, with a leading cast like this, the movie may still be worth a watch.


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Starring opposite Clarke (zero thirty dark) and Monaghan (Mission Impossible) in this gun fire show is Jay Courtney (the suicide squad), Pallavi Sharda, raei phoenix, Faissal Bazzi, Logan Huffmann, Todd Lance, lincoln lewis, pacharo mzembe, lucy barrett, Simon Elrahi, joey scallopY You are dirty. black site written by jinder-ho (Raising a Rukus) and is produced by john wick Y Hitman producers iwaniek basil Y erica lee under his Asbury Park sign next to mike garawy, Craig McMahonand Clarke.

Check out the official trailer for this exciting, possibly over-the-top action movie below, and keep scrolling for the full synopsis.

Here is the synopsis:

Directed by Sophia Banks, the action thriller from Redbox Entertainment black site follows CIA agent Abby Trent (Michelle Monaghan) who runs a clandestine clandestine facility that incarcerates high-risk and dangerous detainees. Days before Abby’s reassignment to a new position, Special Ops brings a high-value target to the top of every most wanted list: codename: Hatchet (Jason Clarke). Hatchet is known for killing his enemies in gruesome ways, and for Abby, capturing him is personal. Determined to avenge her husband’s death at the hands of Hatchet, Abby’s plan soon descends into chaos once Hatchet escapes from her and begins a bloody game of assassinating the siege officers one by one. As Abby and the team give chase, he quickly discovers that there are moles within the ranks that compromise the mission. With time running out, Abby doubts everyone around her, which begs the question: who can she really trust?

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