Best New Films on HBO Max in April 2022

When it comes to movie libraries, HBO Max is often head and shoulders above the other competitors in the streaming wars. With a vast collection that includes iconic classics from Hollywood’s golden age, as well as the latest releases from some of our best filmmakers working today, and a range from the biggest blockbusters to the most intimate independent films. With an ever-growing collection of feature film offerings, there’s always something new to watch on HBO Max, so here’s a roundup of some of the best new additions to the streaming service.

boogie nights (1997)

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Paul Thomas Anderson announced himself as one of the most vital auteur directors of his generation with this ode to the late 1970s adult film industry. Located in the San Fernando Valley, boogie nights follows a cast of adult movie actors and crew members as they live through the heyday of theatrical raunchy movies and come to terms with the rise of video in the early 1980s. Mark Wahlberg He leads the cast in what remains his most accomplished performance to date as Eddie Adams, an impressionable young man turned adult film star named Dirk Diggler. movie icon burt reynolds was nominated for an Oscar for his role as adult film producer Jack Horner, while some of the most popular actors of that era, including Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, John C Reilly, heather graham and the great Philip Seymour Hoffmann populate the supporting roles, creating one of the most eclectic and unforgettable casts in the entire film.


The Raid: Redemption (2011)

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This action movie completely changed the game and influenced many entries in the genre going forward, including the john wick franchise. A SWAT team becomes trapped inside an apartment building run by a vicious drug dealer and his army of thugs and killers. Gareth EvansThe vision of the film launched him onto the international stage as a filmmaker worth paying attention to. Fast-paced, kinetic martial arts action set an intense new tone for the next generation of action movies and birthed a new star in the genre in Iko Uwai.The Raid: Redemption It remains one of the most exciting, inventive, and best action movies of the 21st century, and is a must-watch for all fans of the genre.

five easy pieces (1973)


hal ashby directed this drama Robert TowneThe script of a couple of sailors in the Navy (Jack Nicholson and otis young) who are tasked with escorting a doomed sailor (Randy Quaid) to the prison where he will serve his sentence. But during their journey, the two Marines grow closer to their prisoner, making it even more difficult to carry out his orders. Ashby and Towne make an imposing duo of filmmakers, having both been involved in some of the most memorable films of the ’70s, while Nicholson shows the first signs of the theatrical greatness that he would exude throughout his career.

the heartbreak boy (2007)


Pedro and Bobby Farrelly they remade this gross-out romantic comedy in their own signature style. ben stiller plays Eddie, a man who jumped to marry Lila (Malin Akerman) a woman he barely knows because he thinks she is getting too old to meet the love of her life. Eddie begins to regret his rash decision during their honeymoon in Cabo, when Lila begins to reveal various chaotic personality traits, and also because he knows Miranda (michele monaghan) a seemingly perfect woman who is on vacation. Stiller is hilarious as the hard-core Eddie, as are Akerman and jerry stiller, who appears as Eddie’s sex-loving father. Farrelly’s drawing makes you laugh out loud at times throughout the film.

blade runner 2049 (2017)

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Established 30 years later Ridley Scottthe visionary original film blade runner 2049 takes us back to the future world of replicants and blade runners who hunt them. ryan gosling plays K, a replicant who works for the LAPD. During an investigation, he uncovers a secret that threatens to change the world and seeks help from a reclusive former Blade Runner. denis villeneuve creates a sequel that is worthy of the original, and even surpasses it in some areas. Gosling gives a stellar performance, making K believably robotic and emotionally engaging. Anne of Arms, mackenzie-davis, Jared Leto, david baptist and robin wright complete the supporting cast.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

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mike newell and richard curtisThe rom-com classic was a huge box office hit upon its release and holds up much better than many of its contemporary comedy films. hugh grant plays Charles, a lonely and lovesick Briton who falls in love with Carrie (andie macdowell), a captivating American woman whom he meets at a mutual friend’s wedding. The two spend the night together, which was supposed to be a one off thing until the two meet again in a series of successive weddings. Charles becomes determined to make a long-term relationship work, but complications keep arising that prevent the two lovers from finally being reunited. Hugh Grant gives his best performance as a romantic comedy lead in this film that made him a household name, while Andie MacDowell is charming as Carrie and a host of lovable British comedians and actors round out the supporting cast of guests and well-wishers.

RED (2010)

movie icon Bruce Willis He stars as Frank Moses, a retired CIA black ops agent who is forced back into action after being attacked by a group of deadly assassins. Frank goes on the run with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a worker at his local pension office who also gets caught in the crosshairs of the assassins, and seeks the help of his former black ops colleagues to find out who is after them and how they can stop them. RED it’s a fun action flick that expertly utilizes Willis’s gruff charms. The film also offers an opportunity for a cohort of skilled older actors, including John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox and Helen Mirrento flex his muscles in an over-the-top action blockbuster. RED it’s a welcome reminder that Bruce Willis is one of the best action heroes he’s ever made.

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