Best Extras Guest Stars, From Kate Winslet to Patrick Stewart

Following on from their success with office, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant struck comedy gold again two years later, in 2005, with Additional features. Their take on the lives of movies, TV, and theater extras is brimming with laugh-out-loud moments. Centering around the acting pursuits of Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) and Maggie Jacobs (Ashley Jenson), it sees them share sets with a variety of A-list faces in the world of entertainment. All playing fictional versions of themselves, these guest stars elevate the show to something truly special. After all, where else would we ever get to see Orlando Bloom‘s jealous rage over Johnny Deppor Kate Winslet‘s advice for spicing up phone calls with your significant other? So, out of the array of talented guest stars over its two-season span, let’s take a look at what ones really nailed the comedic versions of themselves.


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ben stiller

It turns out funnyman, ben stiller, isn’t quite so funny when he’s in the director’s chair of a somber biographical epic. Directing a movie about an Eastern European man who lost his wife and son in the Yugoslav wars may be a departure from typical Stiller material, but he is determined to prove his worth. Stiller’s directorial arrogance sees him kick Andy off set, go to extreme lengths to get a child to stop laughing, and shamelessly boast about his box office numbers. And, of course, we can’t forget the moment he shows an actor the correct way to brutally beat a terrified old lady. Stiller playing Stiller is definitely up there with some of his greatest comedic roles to date.

Kate Winslet

Focusing on a movie about the Holocaust, this episode is a hilarious observation on the travesty of Kate Winslet having never won an Oscar (as of 2005). Even Winslet herself says “The whole world is going, ‘Why hasn’t Winslet won one?’” As she explains her de ella’s latest role choice to Andy. But it seems dramatic acting isn’t the only thing Winslet can do well. When Maggie is in need of some saucy phone call advice, Winslet is on hand to help. Throwing around phrases such as “Purple-headed womb ferret,” we’ll never look at prim and proper Rose from titanica the same again.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is hilarious in this episode which sees him play himself as a bit of a ladies’ man – well, a wannabe ladies’ man at least. We see him flirt with all the ladies on set, even the married ones. After all, “a ring do n’t mean a thing” in his eyes. But it’s Maggie he really sets his sights on. Desperate to leave her behind her, he goes about trying to impress her with his pack of cigarettes and unrolled prophylactic. Radcliffe shows he is a natural when it comes to comedy, shining even amongst such stars as Give me Diana Rigg.

Orlando Bloom

Fresh from his Pirates of the Caribbean success, Orlando Bloom dons a wig and gown for a courtroom drama. After getting to talk to Maggie, who is an extra on the jury, he is perplexed at her lack of overwhelming attraction to him. What follows is plenty of slagging off Johnny Depp and flaunting all the women’s magazines that feature him to an unimpressed Maggie. Desperate to prove her attractiveness, he eventually persuades her to kiss him, to which Maggie’s only response to her is “Not really my cup of tea.” Bloom’s wounded ego look and commitment to turning his heartthrob status into comedic fodder is what makes this episode one of the funniest of Season 2.

Ross Kemp

toughman, Ross Kempknown for delving into conflict prone corners of the world, and exploring gang culture, is actually deeply insecure – well according to this episode of Additional features de todas formas. Although having the starring role in a television period drama, Kemp is preoccupied with his rival, Vinnie Jones, who is part of a movie in the opposite studio. Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed has nothing on this Ross Kemp vs Vinnie Jones rivalry. However, despite telling Andy that if Vinnie wants to start something with him, he’ll “unleash hell,” when the big showdown arrives, we see a meek Kemp crumble, showing his true vulnerable colors from him. Clearly all that Super Army Soldiers training did n’t boost his confidence from him.

Kemp is spot on when it comes to poking fun of his public image and clearly has a great knack for comedic delivery. no more Ross Kemp on Gangslet’s have some Ross Kemp on Comedy.

Patrick Stewart

This episode sees Patrick Stewart give us all lessons on bad screenplay ideas. Taking inspiration from his X Men character, Charles Xavier, he has the genius idea (or so he thinks) of bringing magical powers to the real world. However, it turns out all he would use those powers for him are seeing women naked. Regaling Andy with scene scenarios, which all end in women’s clothes falling off and him being able to “see everything,” Stewart’s hilarious departure from the respectable thespian we know and love makes this last episode of Season 1 extremely memorable.

David Bowie

Gone but never forgotten. David Bowie gave us plenty to treasure. From his influential music to his iconic role in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, he was a man of many talents. But seeing him pen a new song on the spot in Additional features has to be up there with his best work.

When Andy and Maggie manage to bribe their way into the VIP section of a bar, they get talking to Bowie. However, as Andy bars his soul about the failings of his new sitcom, we see Bowie’s creative mind at work. Seconds later, inspiration hits, and lyrics like “Chubby little loser,” “National joke,” and “Pathetic little fat man, nobody’s bloody laughing” come spilling out of his mouth from him. But despite the insulting nature of his new creation, he still manages to get people in the bar singing along to the catchy chorus, even Andy’s best friend, Maggie. This song proves that any song written by Bowie is an instant hit.


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