Basketball: History, Rules, and Facts

You have probably heard of basketball and names like; Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and their Jordan basketball shoes. It is currently played in the main leagues around the world, but how did basketball start? And why is it so popular?

Basketball in America

Basketball is so popular today that it is the most important sport in the United States. No less than 9 million children play basketball there, which is half of the population of the Netherlands! In the United States, almost every high school has a basketball team that tens of thousands of people turn out to support each year. In the United States, you also have the most popular league, the NBA, which is the biggest basketball league with the best players. Some professionals even earn more than $30 million playing basketball. In Europe, it is not as big as in America. However, basketball occupies a special place in European betting sites and it is safe to say that it comes after football in terms of popularity.

How does basketball work and what are the rules?

Basketball court

A basketball court is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide.


Today it is more professional than just hanging a basket of peaches and throwing the ball into it. We are now looking at a basket, which is a hoop through which you throw the ball. It hangs at a height of 3 meters and 5 cm.

The ball

For the youngsters, you have different basketballs, which can differ in size and weight. The basketballs have a circumference of 29.5 inches or 75 cm and a weight of 600 grams. The balls are made of rubber or leather material.

The ball of professional basketball players has a circumference of between 75 and 78 cm and a weight of 600 to 650 g. Mini basketball is played with a ball weighing less than 500 g. The ball is usually orange with black stripes because then it is the one that stands out the most. And this is good.

basketball techniques


Pivoting is when you keep one foot on the ground in the same place and can turn around with the other foot.

ball to jump

In the center of the field there is a central circle. When you start the game, you are going to do a jump there. You are with 2 people, 1 from each team in the circle and the rest of the team is outside the circle. In the middle is a referee who tosses the ball up and then both have to jump to get the ball away towards their fellow players. A playmate is someone you play with on the same team.


Let the ball bounce off the ground. You do it from your wrist. When you dribble you don’t look at the ball but at your teammates and your opponents. You can do a high dribble, this is running with long strides and dribbling up to the waist. And you can also do a low dribble, this is with short strides and dribbling from knee height. If he stops dribbling, he can’t keep dribbling!

Free shot

A free kick is when someone goes to score from a specific line. Usually you are allowed to shoot 2 times (depending on the offense committed against you). If you shoot a second time, the basketball players can touch the ball when it has hit the backboard.

How many players do you need?

When you play a basketball game you have 2 teams of 5 players. The difference between soccer and basketball is that with basketball you can make unlimited changes.


There are various offenses that you can commit in basketball that will require you to hand over the opponent. There is a rule to walk; cannot take more than one step with the ball. There is also a second dribbling rule; after performing an action with the ball, you must pass the ball to one of your teammates within 5 seconds.

Points Score

If a teammate throws the ball through the opponent’s hoop, the team gets 2 points. You can score three points if you shoot in front of the three-point line. You can also score 1 point, this is possible with a free kick. With each point you score, play resumes at the center line. The team with the most points wins.

The duration of the match

The basketball game is played in 4 parts of 10 minutes. Between parts 1 and 2 there is a 2 minute break which also applies to parts 3 and 4. In parts 2 and 3 there is a 15 minute break. If there is a tie between the two sides when time runs out, there will be an extra 5 minutes until there is a winner.


So a teacher had to invent a ball game for his students because it was too ‘cold’. Basketball has become one of the biggest sports in the world and today it can even be your job to shoot a ball into a basket. Who would have thought, from a basket of peaches as a basket to the most important leagues around the world.

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