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Ah, the 90s. What an amazing time for girl groups. In this series from tina fey and Robert Carlockone of the most infamous (and unfortunately fictional) girl groups from that luscious time period was Girls5Eve. The group consists of “the chill one,” Dawn (Sarah Bareilles), “the hot one,” Summer (Busy Philipps), “the always working one,” Gloria (Paula Pell), and “the fierce one,” Wickie (Renee Elise Goldsberry). “The fun one,” Ashley (Ashley Park) supposedly died in 2004, however, in the Season 1 finale Gloria reveals she believes that Ashley faked her death.

20 years later, Dawn hears their hit song being sampled on a new rap single. With an unexpected reunion and a thrilling performance, the four girls decide to relaunch their band and try for one more shot at fame. The original songs written by Jeff Richmond are fantastic and capture the wildness that was 90s girl groups. Here are their best songs ranked.


10. “Space Boys” – Girls5Eve

A look back at one of the girls’ biggest hits “Space Boys.” The video is clearly targeting a certain demographic of fanboys who love things set in space. The song is ridiculous, but the motif and the lyrics make it hilarious.

Best Lyric – “Zero gravity kisses granting all our wishes. More exotic than a waiter from France.”

9. “Zoom Zoom Boom Boom” – Girls5Eva

When Summer suspects Kev (Andrew Rannells) of cheating on her, she decides to destroy his beloved car. This song is a clear homage to “Lemonade” by Beyoncé and Waiting to Exhale as Summer exacts her (premature) revenge.

Best Lyric – “And golf clubs are fire like Angela Bassett. It’s either this or throwing suits out of an upstairs window.”

8. “Boyz Next Door” – Boyz Next Door

Kev is Summer’s husband who lives in Florida. It is clear to the girls that their relationship is, let’s say, unconventional at best. Kev and Summer met when Kev was a member of the boy group Boyz Next Door. We get a glimpse of their self-titled biggest hit since 20 years ago and it is magic. Many may know Rannells from Girls or from Big Mouthbut before that, he was a Tony nominated for The Book of Mormon. It was nice to finally get to hear his singing prowess on Girls5Eve.

Best Lyric – “Spent a decade five foot two totally ignoring you. Now we’ve got you deep in heaven, back from camp five foot seven.”

7. “The Splingee” – Girls5Eva

And then there was that time that Girls5Eva tried to create a new dance. It’s a little complicated… Okay, it’s a lot complicated. There’s way too much going on, but the tune is quite catchy. Unfortunately, Dawn winds up selling it, and it becomes a huge hit for YouTubers, Cray and Ray.

Best Lyric – “Next you get all shy like you wanna cry, but it’s just an act.”

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6. “Line Up” – Lil Stinker and Girls5Eva

Rapper Lil Stinker (Jeremiah Craft) have decided to sample the girls’ hit song from the 90s. When he is booked on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon requests that the girls come together and sing backup for him. It is this exhilarating performance that inspires them to reunite.

Best Lyric – “I’m bigger than Biebs, and I’m cuter than Chalamet.”

5. “Dream Girlfriends” – Girls5Eva

When the girls decide to launch their reunion at a mall like the good old days, they are devastated to find that the mall is abandoned and left for dead. With Summer’s quick thinking, they decide to use the dead mall as a symbol of dead things coming back to life, just like their group. Their performance of “Dream Girlfriends” on Instagram Live goes viral until their ex-manager shuts them down for copyright infringement. But it creates enough buzz to inspire them to continue their journey. The song itself is a hilarious list of things boys consider to be dream qualities in girls.

Best Lyric – “Dream girlfriends ‘cuz our dads are dead, so you never have to meet them and get asked why you left school.”

4. “I’m Afraid (Dawn’s Song of Fears)”

When Dawn hits writer’s block, she gets some help from Dolly Parton (Tina Fey). Through some serious sleep deprivation, Dawn feels like she has a solid gold hit. However, when she performs it for the group, she realizes it was just a crazy rambling of her fears of her. It’s not the song she was hoping for but it does bust her through her writer’s block, and she is able to move forward.

Best Lyric – “I’m afraid that on I might find out I have a bunch of half-siblings and they’ll want to be in my life.”

3. “4 Stars” – Girls5Eve

Dawn is finally able to figure out how to write about the band and where they are now instead of trying to capture the magic from 20 years ago. And she does so by collaborating with the other three Girls and finding their new voice. In the Season 1 finale, they manage to sneak their way into the Wango Tango concert and perform it for the first time.

Best Lyric – “We’re gonna do it our way like Sinatra or Burger King.”

2. “Famous 5eva” – Girls5Eva

The theme song that started it all explains what the heck “5eva” means. This isn’t the first catchy earworm for composer Jeff Richmond. Do the words, ‘Unbreakable, they live, dammit,’ ring a bell? Thankfully, this is the theme song for the show, so we get to hear it before every episode.

Best Lyric – “We’re gonna be famous 5eva, ‘cuz 4va’s 2 short.”

1. “New York Lonely Boy” – The Milk Carton Kids

As Dawn is deciding whether she wants to have another baby, she is warned that her son may become a “New York Lonely Boy” if she keeps him an only child. She decides she has to have another child until she runs into John Slattery (playing himself) and his (real-life) family who is proud of his New York Lonely Boy which causes Dawn to reconsider and revel in her son’s quirkiness.

Best Lyric – “He’s a boy who’s never seen Chuck E. Cheese, just a host of documentaries.”

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few songs that we only got to hear one or two lines of that we desperately need to hear more of.

  • “Rekindling” – Gloria temporarily reunited with her ex, Caroline (played by real-life wife Janine Britton)
  • “The Office is the Bible” – Kev and Summer’s bible study examines how office is really an allegory and obviously Darryl (Craig Robinson) is Jesus.
  • “Yom Kippur” – Dawn’s attempt at writing a power ballad.
  • “Our Eyes Are So Much Bluer When We Cry” – Another ballad for the girls back in the 90s even if it doesn’t exactly hold up 20 years later.
  • “Side Pieces for Life” – The title says it all, doesn’t it?


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