Age, Height, & 10 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Jeff Goldblum

A pop culture icon for the ages, Jeff Goldblum has it all from his dashing good looks to his magnetic personality. Acting professionally since 1974, Goldblum has charmed fans from Invasion Of The Body Snatchers to the MCU’s Thor: Ragnarök. Famous for playing the “sexy geek” and for his signature stammered speaking cadence, Jeff Goldblum has truly become a beloved household name.

A busy man with a successful career, Goldblum reprises his role of Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Dominion and Disney+ has him starring in The World According To Jeff Goldblum. Whether he is wearing the hat of actor, musician, or father and husband, Jeff Goldblum is truly a delight.


Updated on May 30th, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Though Jeff Goldblum’s acting career began in the 1970s as background parts on film and with guest spots on television shows, Goldblum’s career is still going strong. In fact, he’s appearing in some of the biggest franchises of the modern-day with roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Jurassic Park franchise. Fans can’t get enough of him, which means people are always eager to learn more.

Jeff Goldblum Is 69 Years Old

Jeff Goldblum Recreates Jurassic Park Shirtless Scene in Jurassic World 3 Set Photo

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum was born on October 22nd of 1952, in West Homestead, Pennsylvania. He grew up for most of his early life in the Pittsburgh area and still considers it one of his homes for him.

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So much so, that, as per NEXTpittsburgh, the Pittsburgh City Council made July 13th their honorary “Jeff Goldblum Day”. According to WPXIthe tattoo artists that came up with the idea for the unique holiday were surprised in 2019 when Goldblum himself showed up to hang out at the shop and sign autographs.

Jeff Goldblum Is Over 6’4″

jeff goldblum promo photoshoot

Goldblum stands at a surprising 6 foot 4 1/2 inches tall. Known for his work of him in jurassic-park, independence dayand many other classics, he often looms over his co-stars and his fans love it.

Sweet and thoughtful, he can regularly be seen leaning down politely to speak with fans and friends alike who don’t quite share his gift of height. He even starred in the titular role of the 1989 British rom-com The Tall Guy.

Jeff Goldblum Voiced A Captain Planet Villain

A split image features two looks at Verminous Skumm in Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Over the course of six years in the early 1990s, Captain Planet And The Planeteers taught kids watching the animated series to be more aware of the environment. They did it with the help of a star-studded cast. Levar Burton voiced one of the Planeteers, Whoopi Goldberg voiced the spirit of the Earth, and Tom Cruise was even up for the role of Captain Planet at one point.

Goldblum lent his voice to one of the recurring villains from the early years of the show. He voiced Verminous Skumm in five episodes. He was a mutated rat who aimed to take over the planet. He came pretty close too, getting his hands on one of the rings that belonged to the Planeteers.

Many People Pronounce Jeff Goldblum’s Name Wrong

The question of just how to pronounce Jeff Goldblum’s surname is one that has plagued people for years. While some reporters will say “Gold-bluhm,” others will say “Gold-bloom.” Which is correct?

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Goldblum himself jokingly answered that question on Conan O’Brien’s talk show years ago with the response of, “why are you talking to me?” The truth is that it’s “Gold-bloom.”

Jeff Goldblum Has Been Married Three Times

Goldblum was married to Patricia Gaul from 1980 to 1986. Soon after their divorce, Goldblum married talented actress Geena Davis. They shared the big screen together in Transylvania 6-5000, Earth Girls Are Easyand The Flybut divorced three years later in 1990.

Goldblum lived the single life for some time after that, dating jurassic-park co-star Laura Dern in the mid-90s. I have finally met the love of his life from him at the gym, of all places. He started dating an ex-Olympian Emilie Livingston in 2009, and the happy couple married in 2014.

Jeff Goldblum’s Sons Have Aquatic-Themed Names

jeff goldblum reading to kids

The Goldblum family grew in no time. Married in 2014, Charlie Ocean Goldblum was born the next year on the 4th of July. Two years later, little brother River Joe Goldblum made his debut in April of 2017.

Fans can keep up with the family’s adorable antics on Emilie Goldblum’s Instagram. She posts new pictures, videos, and stories about the day-to-day lives of herself, the kids, and their dog Woody on a daily basis.

Jeff Goldblum Studied Acting At Carnegie Mellon

Jeff Goldblum in Hideaway

Despite Goldblum keeping his acting aspirations a secret from his parents for some time after High School, he studied at both New York City’s Neighborhood Playhouse and attended the Summer drama program at Carnegie Mellon University back home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Though he does not officially have a college degree, according to ewhe occasionally taught acting and improvisational classes in Hollywood in the late 90s.

He Is A Chronic Over-Sharer

jeff goldblum blue background

Jeff Goldblum is largely thought of as wholesome and kind to fans, but he is known to overshare. Eager to keep a conversation going, it isn’t uncommon for him to ramble on strange and comedic tangents from anything to film history to odd personal facts.

as per The Express, he once told the story of the night that he tried to hire a sex worker when he was only 13-years-old. Having heard vague stories of a “red light district,” he went to find out what it was about with only $5 in his pocket. He immediately chickened out and never returned.

Jeff Goldblum Is In A Jazz Band

jeff goldblum playing a jazz show

Jeff Goldblum is not only an actor, but he is also a talented musician. He started playing jazz piano at only 14-years-old and continues the hobby to this day. He is part of the band “Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra.”

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Prior to the pandemic, jazz fans could catch the band playing a few times a month at Rockwell Table And Stage in Hollywood, California. Happy to mingle and casually chat with fans, Goldblum often had impromptu trivia sessions about him’s movies and his career between sets.

He Obsessively Googles Himself

Jeff Goldblum The World According to Jeff Goldblum Disney Plus(1)

Mr. Goldblum does not keep it a secret that he enjoys attention, and he even seeks it out. The actor makes frequent convention appearances, is happy to casually chat at his jazz concerts, and allows graciously excessive time for taking photos with fans.

He has also admitted that he regularly checks the #JeffGoldblum tag on Instagram, and even Googles himself to see what people are talking about, or how certain photos turned out that he took with fans.

Jeff Goldblum Was Snubbed For An Oscar

David Cronenberg’s unsettling science-fiction horror flick The Fly received Oscar buzz around its release. The 1989 classic was rumored to be up for several nominations, including one for Jeff Goldblum’s stellar performance, as well as the incredible, groundbreaking makeup effects used to transform him from man into monster.

Unfortunately, Goldblum was snubbed. The Academy was hesitant to nominate a film of its kind, which strayed far outside of their usual choices.

Jeff Goldblum Improvised Most Of His Lines In Thor: Ragnarok

thor ragnarok jeff goldblum

Jeff Goldblum made his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe draped in gold and turquoise refinery in Taika Waitit’s colorful and comedic take on Thor: Ragnarök. A dictator of a faraway planet called Sakaar, The Grandmaster rules with an iron fist and a flair for the ridiculous.

Waititi wrote the part specifically for Goldblum. Throughout production, he heavily encouraged him to play with the role, improvising as much as he wanted, rather than sticking strictly to the script.

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