Aeroplan eStore Promotion: 5x Points for Mother’s Day

Aeroplan points are among the most easily accessible points programs in Canada, due to the wide range of bonuses and promotions offered by the program.

In addition to credit card welcome bonuses and transferring points from bank and hotel partners, the Airplane eStore is one of many methods available to earn Aeroplan points, especially during one of the frequent eStore bonus events.

Aeroplan Mother’s Day Event: Up to 5x Points Until May 8

When making purchases through the Aeroplan eStore, the standard earning rate is 1 Aeroplan point per dollar spent before taxes and shipping.

With the latest eStore promotion for Mother’s Day, Aeroplan members can earn up to 5 Aeroplan points per dollar spent across all retailers.

The following retailers are offering the full elevated return of 5x Aeroplan points (or in some cases, even higher):

  • Aldo
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Aveda (7x points)
  • Chef’s Plate
  • Clarins
  • decathlon
  • Disney+
  • Dyson
  • HelloFresh (10x points)
  • hp
  • indochinese
  • Kerastase (10x points)
  • KiwiCo (7x points)
  • Lenovo (7x points)
  • Mark’s
  • Michael Kors
  • NordVPN (10x points)
  • Norton Secured
  • Person
  • Quickbooks (7x points)
  • sail
  • Sephora
  • simons
  • SiriusXM
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Tellus
  • The Body Shop
  • Globe & Mail
  • TurboTax
  • Under Armor
  • Vistaprint
  • Weightwatchers

Meanwhile, other retailers are offering 2x, 3x, or 4x Aeroplan points as part of the Mother’s Day as well, though not remove the full 5x rewards.

Either way, this can be a great opportunity to knock out some major purchases that you’ve been planning and rack up 5x points along the way.

The Mother’s Day event is active from today until May 8, 2022, giving us just under one week to take advantage.

How to Use the Aeroplan eStore

Navigating the Aeroplan eStore is relatively simple. Visit the Aeroplan eStore website, and you’ll immediately see a banner with details on the current promotion. You can find the login button just above at the top right.

Once logged in, there are a few ways you can choose to explore the eStore. You can use the search bar to look for something you may already have in mind, or select the “For You” tab to view suggestions based on past searches and history.

You can also browse by categories or by retailers. When browsing, under the individual brand, you’ll see the current promotion labeled in red.

Each store may have exemptions on which items are eligible to earn Aeroplan points, so be sure to read the fine print for your chosen retailer before completing your purchase.

Once a purchase is complete, the points will be automatically added to your Aeroplan account; however, keep in mind this process can take six to eight weeks.

To ensure you earn the Aeroplan points that you’re due from an eStore purchase, take note of the following:

  • You must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start.
  • Avoid visiting other sites before completing your purchase, using a third-party browser extension, or using coupons not provided by eStore.
  • Ensure cookies are not disabled on your computer, as cookies are used to authenticate your session and allocate points to your account.

It’s definitely a good idea to keep a record of the points you expect to receive and the date of your eStore purchase to follow-up on any missing points if necessary, as the eStore historically hasn’t been perfectly reliable in terms of tracking every purchase .

If, for some reason, your points haven’t been received within 10 weeks after your purchase was shipped, you can visit Aeroplan’s missing points page and submit a claim. The purchase will then be verified and deposited into your account if approved.

Use Aeroplan eStore Bonuses for Everyday Status Qualification

Not only do eStore promotions allow you to rack up Aeroplan points quickly, they can also go a long way toward achieving Aeroplan Elite Status via Everyday Status Qualification.

As part of the Everyday Status Qualification feature, members typically need to earn 100,000 Aeroplan points via eligible sources within the calendar year to qualify for the entry-level Aeroplan 25K status.

“Eligible sources” includes credit card spending, eStore bonuses, and flying activity, but excludes “easier” earning methods like credit card welcome bonuses and transferring points from other programs.

At first glance, the requirement to earn 100,000 Aeroplan points can appear onerous, as it’d correspond to spending a whopping $100,000 per year via the eStore or on a co-branded credit card earning 1x Aeroplan points.

However, consider the current eStore promotion of up to 5x Aeroplan points for Mother’s Day. That would allow you to spend just $20,000 via the eStore and qualify for Everyday Status Qualification.

Furthermore, if you use a premium Aeroplan credit card earning 1.25x points to pay for your purchase, that amount drops to just $16,000.

(Of course, you don’t need to reach the 100,000-point threshold all in one go. Instead, limited-time bonus events like the current Mother’s Day promotion are a great way to make concerted progress towards Everyday Status Qualification throughout the year using your organic purchases.)

Aeroplan Premium Credit Cards

credit cards best offer Value

110,000 airplane points

$599 annual fee

110,000 airplane points $2,341

Apply Now

110,000 airplane points

$599 annual fee

110,000 airplane points $2,025

Apply Now

105,000 airplane points

$599 annual fee

105,000 airplane points $1,869

Apply Now

Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points

$599 annual fee

Up to 75,000 Aeroplan points $425

Apply Now

Despite Aeroplan 25K status being the lowest tier, achieving it comes with many perks that can boost your Aeroplan and Air Canada travel experience.

When you qualify, you’ll receive 25 eUpgrade credits that can help you upgrade to a higher class of service. Additionally, you’ll receive Maple Leaf Lounge passes, free checked bags, and preferred pricing on Air Canada award tickets.

Note that existing Aeroplan Elite Status members will earn an extra 2x airplane points on eStore purchases as part of their elite benefits; however, this bonus doesn’t count towards Everyday Status Qualification.


For Aeroplan members, the Aeroplan eStore is a great way to earn points quickly via your regular spending without having to fly. With over 200+ retail partners, there is likely something of value for everyone.

Additionally, eStore promotions can be leveraged to achieve Everyday Status Qualification, giving members additional perks when redeeming Aeroplan points and flying with Air Canada.

While the current Mother’s Day bonus only lasts until May 8, 2022, we’ll certainly continue to see similar offers popping up in the future, including offers of up to 10x points on annual shopping events such as Black Friday.

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