‘A disgrace’ – Eight times David de Gea has publicly criticised Man Utd

During Manchester United’s troubles in recent years, goalkeeper David de Gea has not been afraid to speak the truth.

De Gea has been one of their best players in the post-Alex Ferguson era, winning the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award four times.

Despite their impressive performances, United have only won the FA Cup, Europa League and EFL Cup in the last nine seasons and are currently suffering their worst trophy drought in 40 years.

We’ve taken a look at the eight times De Gea has been brutally honest in reflecting on United’s performances.

It is not up to scratch

“It’s hard to put into words what I feel today,” De Gea tweeted after a 4-0 loss to Everton in 2019. “As captain, I want to say that the team’s performance today, as well as the result, was not up to par.” the height of what is expected when you wear this shirt.

“We know we have to improve but words mean little: we have to give everything for this club. Than to you for your unconditional support.”

Difficult situation

– “Everything,” said De Gea when asked what was missing after the 1-0 loss to Newcastle in October 2019. “Many things to improve. I don’t know what to say Keep trying, keep fighting, keep getting better every day.

“It is a hard moment for us, a difficult moment but we are United, we have to keep fighting”.

– “Yes, it is probably the most difficult moment since I have been here,” he added. “I dont know [why]. I don’t know what’s going on, we can’t score a goal in two games.

“It’s hard to say something, I’m sorry for the fans, we’ll keep fighting for sure, we’ll be back, but right now we’re in a difficult situation.”

shit goals

“It’s hard to describe what I feel right now. Hurts. It’s not good enough,” the goalkeeper said after a 5-0 loss at home to Liverpool in 2021.

“We keep conceding shitty goals like we have been doing all season. We played like children and I have to apologize to the fans”.


“It was embarrassing, the way we played today,” he told Match of the Day after a 4-1 loss to Watford. “The first half was very bad, it is not acceptable for this club and the level of players we have.

“It’s another nightmare. There have been some difficulties, but I really don’t know what to say. I’ve been through difficult times with this club, but we’re in a difficult situation, we don’t know what to do with the ball, we’re conceding a lot of goals. It’s a horrible moment.

“It’s easy to say the coach and the coaching staff, but those who are on the field are the players and they are the ones who have to score goals and fight on the field.

“We have to look at each other one by one and give more for the club and the fans. It’s hard to say why there was a performance like this, I don’t know what to say.

“I’m doing my best, it was good to save two penalties, I thought ‘okay, come on, now we can win this game.’ But then we started conceding easy chances and goals. It is very hard

“It’s hard to be in the locker room now, we’re sad, we’re angry. Personally, I am hurt, it is a very difficult moment for the whole club”.


“On the pitch, in goal, I felt danger for most of the game, but we defended well,” he said after the 1-1 draw with Chelsea in November 2021.

“They missed great opportunities to find the target. The only [goal] we have, they gave us the opportunity and we scored. It’s not enough to draw, but right now with the way we are, it’s a big point.”

it does not work

“I think someone has put a curse on us or something,” he told El País in February 2022. “The truth is that I don’t know what is happening, the truth is that I don’t.

“People always ask me and we talk about it as teammates and we just say ‘we don’t know what’s going on.’

“We should have competed for more trophies, bigger titles, but I don’t know why this team isn’t working.”

another bad year

– “It is difficult to describe in words how I feel, how we feel”, he said after United were eliminated from the Champions League by Atlético de Madrid in 2022.

“This is another tough moment for us, what we did was not enough to beat Atlético in two games. It is an experienced team, they know how to play those games very well and it is a very difficult moment for us.

It is always difficult to get out of the Champions League, especially as we did. We did a good draw in Madrid, we played here with the fans. I don’t know, to be honest, we didn’t win the game, we’re out again, another bad year for us, it’s very, very difficult.”

– “There are too many years without any trophy, even without fighting for trophies”, added De Gea.

“So I think we have to be clear that we want to achieve good things, fight for trophies, we don’t just want to play in the top four and be there, get out of the Champions League in the quarter-finals. Something like this.

“So we need a lot more from everyone because this club is too big for where we are now. We are far from the places of contention for the Premier League, for the Champions League, so we need much more from everyone.


“It’s a shame on our part, we should be winning this game,” De Gea told BT Sport after United’s 1-0 loss to Everton in April 2022.

“We didn’t score, but we didn’t create the right chances to score. We’re not good enough, that’s for sure. It will be difficult to be in the top four. They played on Wednesday and they were tired but they had more desire than us, that is not acceptable.

“Very sad to lose today.”

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