8 Big Questions We Still Want Answered in ‘Moon Knight’

Following the wrap-up of the ambitious Disney+ debut of Marvel’s Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), viewers were left with a number of lingering questions. The series marks the first venture from Disney+ adapting a character that had not yet appeared in the MCU in his, or their, own limited series.

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Despite a revelation-packed final episode, viewers are still faced with a number of questions regarding Marc Spector and his various identities. What will their future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe look like? We’ll have to wait and see.

Will We See Steven Or Marc Again?

Following the resolution of the final episode, in which the Moon-god Konshu releases both Marc and Steven from his service, one of the most pressing questions coming from the season finale is will fans see Moon Knight and Mr. Knight again?

While viewers were only given a relatively small sample size of Moon Knight in action, the introduction of the two personalities working together presented a wholly unique take on the superhero origin story. With the hard work of effectively establishing the character’s origin already achieved, it is hard to imagine a scenario in which fans do not see Oscar Isaac and his cast of accents.


When Will We See The Red Scarab Again?

While this season of Moon Knight consistently presented viewers with an assortment of superhero costumes, none were more surprising than that of Marvel’s first Egyptian Superhero the Scarlet ScarabLalyla El-Faouly (May Calamawy).

Showing all season long an aptitude for tomb raiding, the ability to hold her own against anyone alive (or dead), and a steadfast moral compass, Layla’s emergence as a superhero on her own account was one of the series sneaky successes. Now a godly avatar in her own right, plus a fresh new superhero suit from the goddess Taweret, Layla will no doubt appear in future Marvel projects.

How Was Layla’s Father Involved?

In one of the most pivotal scenes of Moon Knight, viewers were presented with the aftermath of a shootout in the Egyptian desert, leaving Layla’s father dead and Marc dying. While this scene presented important information regarding the aftermath of this event, it was careful not to give away any of the preceding altercations. Leaving viewers with a multitude of questions like how was Layla’s father involved with these mercenaries, and what were they looking for?

As the goddess Tawaret shows awareness of him while journeying to the field of reeds and Harrow (Ethan Hawke) implies a common goal in realizing the role of gods in our world, it is reasonable to assume that Layla’s father’s search for Egyptian relics could have involved the gods or an avatar.

What Happened Between Harrow And Konshu?

As the very first scene of Moon Knight depicts Arthur Harrow (Hawke) and his practice of self-flagellation, the series set the tone early with its focus on its villains and his motivations.

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While also showing that he is familiar with Marc as a mercenary early on in episode one and Harrow’s own past as an avatar for Konshu, much of the character’s backstory remains unexplored. Although the potential for future stories involving Harrow may have been cut short by the post-credit stinger, his influence on events in the past still ca n’t be ruled out.

How Will Konshu And Marc’s Relationship Evolve?

With the working relationship between Konshu and both Marc and Steven concluding with the series, with Ammit and Harrow both sidelined, it calls into question the future of the character. While the post-credit stinger revealed a still emerging personality in Jake Lockley, it is still yet to be seen how this will impact Marc and Steven.

Although Marc and Steven believe to be free of their service to the vengeful god, the continuously evolving relationship will certainly be a driving factor in any future appearances of the character.

Will We See Bushman?

Following the reveal in Episode 5 that the traditional comic book Moon Knight villain Bushman was responsible for the death of Layla’s father, at least according to Marc, the possibility that this character could still play a part in the MCU is still alive.

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With the character only being mentioned by name so far, his involvement in Layla’s father’s death and the entire Egyptian desert operation is still unexplored territory which could provide important context for Layla (Calamawy).

Who Is Jake Lockley?

In the lead-up to Episode 5, it was the prevailing theory amongst fans that the blackouts experienced by Marc and Steven were due to the presence of a third yet to be revealed personality.

While viewers theorized that the third personality could be key to the season’s major mysteries, perhaps in the involvement of the death of Layla’s father, the final scene in the series post-credit scene definitively revealed the presence of a third personality. The Spanish-speaking Jake Lockley appears wheeling Arthur Harrow from a mental health facility, before promptly killing him at Konshu’s request. While also seemingly appearing during a blackout in Moon Knight’s climactic battle with Harrow, the third, most violent personality is still surrounded by mystery.

Will These Gods Get God-Butchered?moon-knight-taweret episode 4

With the upcoming release of Thor: Love and Thunder, it is reasonable to wonder if some of the Egyptian deities introduced in Moon Knight could fall victim to the ominously named villain, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian bale).

As one of the few Marvel properties to venture into the realm of theology, the few familiar god’s within the cinematic universe could find themselves under attack from an even more formidable foe.

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