6 Of The Funniest Bar Rescue Episodes (& 6 Of The Worst)

TV shows can be a great way to educate yourself on a topic of interest, but they can also be a great way to see other people’s problems. When people decide to be filmed for a TV show, their private lives and problems are there for the world to see, and that’s exactly what you can see on Spike TV. bar rescue. Jon Taffer made a name for himself in the food and nightclub industry and has done very well for himself. He knows the ins and outs of the business, so it makes sense that he would be the one to walk into these establishments and criticize them in the best and worst way possible. He’s tough, up close and genuine, but most of all he’s hilarious.


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While bar rescue has shed light on some genuinely interesting people and some hilarious circumstances, it has also played into some very unfortunate situations. While fun-loving bar patrons and happy-go-lucky owners can make for excellent television, so can poorly run establishments that would have been fit for an appearance on the Gordon Ramsay show. nightmares in the kitchen.

Updated April 11, 2022 by Tanner Fox: Owning a business is no laughing matter, as some owners featured in Bar Rescue have learned. Not only is it a financially risky endeavor, but building and operating a successful business requires entrepreneurial skill and a discerning mind capable of making uncomfortable decisions. That said, hardly anyone who appears on Bar Rescue meets that criteria. From over-the-top fans to haggard veterans more eager to pick a fight than serve a customer, Taffer and company have been privy to some pretty egregious and hilarious situations over the show’s more than decade-plus history. .

More fun

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Fool (Season 2, Episode 1)

This is one of the best episodes to date in the minds of some fans because it involves a pirate-themed bar. Approaching this one must have been comical to Jon, as the people who worked there took it seriously; from their uniforms to his mannerisms, they were totally engaged. Unfortunately, the idea obviously wasn’t working out well, hence the reason Jon Taffer was there in the first place.

He tried to turn it into a more modern “bro bar” called Corporate but, in the end, that didn’t go over well with the staff and owners. In fact, one of the staff ended up quitting because he “couldn’t talk like a pirate anymore”, and the owners eventually returned to the pirate-themed bar. It closed for good a short time later.

Back To The Bar: The Power of Bacon and Beer (Season 6, Episode 13)

This jazz bar has been in business for over 20 years in Chicago, so some would say it has a pretty good track record. But, once he moved to a different neighborhood, everything changed. The owner was a free spirit known for her unique piano jazz, complete with a shrill choir, which she performed four nights a week.

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She was also a vegan, so it was confusing when bacon was introduced to the new menu. It reopened as a craft cocktail venue mingling with the masses, and the owner wasn’t happy. Eventually, she asked Jon if she dyes her hair while he colors a placemat as a kid, and then she uses sign language to tell her son some adult-grade words about Jon.

Don’t Mess With Taffer’s Wife (Season 3, Episode 11)

Owners arguing with Jon

Once a famous Las Vegas blues bar, Sand Bar was an establishment that had fans like Etta James before it closed in the 1970s. Thanks to a passionate OB/GYN, this bar got a second chance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working right, and that’s where Jon came in. He transformed the bar into a place where patrons could sip beer-inspired cocktails and named it after the New Mexico zip code.

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This all seemed pretty normal until the bar owner started getting creepy around Jon’s wife. She compared her arm to another more private part of her body, and Jon found out about it and went crazy with the OBGYN. Obviously, this one didn’t end on a particularly high note.

Flying Ants And A Giggly Owner (Season 4, Episode 57)

Tonic Bar Cane

Tonic Lounge was a typical dive, but with questionable punk rock music that was often live. The first time Jon walked through the door, he was met with an empty room and flying ants. Jon decided that a better sound system, a new name and a new menu would do the trick, but he couldn’t get past the strange owner.

The owner kept laughing like he was on drugs, and Jon didn’t want anything. From the looks of it, he could have given The kitchen of hell Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

Raccoons and a Tacky Smoking Jacket (Season 3, Episode 32)

jon grossed out by raccoon

Originally a private smoking club above a bingo hall at a VFW, the first order of business was to get pesky rodents and bugs off the ceiling. Since there was no way around the smoky room, Jon took it upon himself to go with that vibe and stamped an underground theme instead.

As if there wasn’t a lot going on already, the only pool table was being used as a buffet table, and later in the episode, a real raccoon ran across the bar and relieved himself. Reality TV is known for being staged, and this almost seems too ridiculous to believe. On the other hand, when it comes to failing rods, almost anything can happen.

John and Bert bought a bar (season 6, episode 40)

season 6 of bar rescue introduced John and Bert, two amateur restaurateurs who had no idea how to run a kitchen. Both Jon Taffer and his kitchen expert were appalled at the state of the establishment, and seeing that the grill in the kitchen was constantly on fire because it had never been cleaned, Jon lost it.

Throwing plates and yelling that he wanted to see John and his kids wallow in the mess they’d created, Taffer let loose on this episode, and it ended up being one of the funniest on the show.

The worst

Not Cleared for Liftoff (Season 6, Episode 16)

staff and chef

An old Los Angeles music venue was the lucky winner of this episode and they needed some serious help. The interior and exterior were deteriorating and oddly enough the owner didn’t seem to care at all.

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It’s surprising that the owner would even agree to Jon coming in and working his magic, but at least it happened. It’s still open to this day, so Jon must have sparked some passion in the owner after all. This episode was a lucky example of Jon being able to save a business that otherwise seemed destined for ruin. It just wasn’t very entertaining.

Punch-Drunk And Trailer-Trashed (Season 3, Episode 33)

Woman yelling at Jon

A restaurant is a great place for a first job, but when the managers and staff don’t care, it can be horrible. This was the case at The O’Face Bar, when the staff got drunk, they started fighting with each other and much, much worse.

Once Jon put them to the test, the food was inedible, the mixing cups broke, and a physical fight broke out. In the end, Jon decided to walk away for the first time ever and recommended counseling for everyone. Two years later, the owner was arrested on suspicion of abuse, so it’s pretty obvious why The O’Face Bar is permanently closed, and maybe for the best.

Clubs and Mischief (Season 4, Episode 33)

owner's girlfriend

Running a bar was hard for Bob Isaacson, and it wasn’t as easy as Health he made it seem so he brought his girlfriend to help him. It seemed like an easy decision until their relationship became strained. On top of that, his staff didn’t respect him and their conversations often turned into fights.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was that the bar was losing $6,000 a month in revenue, which is never a good sign. Basically, there was no leadership, the bar lacked any sort of identity, and the jobs weren’t taken seriously. Jon and his team seemed to help guide the team back to their main objective and gave the bar a makeover, renaming it the Way Point Saloon.

Too Many Managers, Not Enough Man (Season 4, Episode 29)

owner laughing

In this episode, Jon realized that there were a lot of managers in the place, which was not necessary. They all seemed to have their own agenda, but the only thing they agreed on was giving the owner a hard time. It’s not a good sign when the owner can’t successfully manage his own staff and Jon saw that right away.

From his attitude towards recognition to the constant bickering, it was a painful episode to watch. Since the show, the bar is now called BR Steak and is still in business.

Runaway Owner (Season 6, Episode 28)

Still from the episode Owner on the Run of Bar Rescue.

Two brothers owned The Original Hideout in Tucson, Arizona. His main problem was that one of the brothers was $300,000 in debt and couldn’t seem to keep up. The overwhelming weight these two brothers had on their shoulders was enormous, but it is what some business owners have to bear.

The other brother, Raoul, couldn’t seem to get rid of stress and anxiety and literally ran away during filming. It was a sad scene as these brothers were completely lost and couldn’t seem to find any answers.

Grow some meatballs! (Season 3, Episode 35)

The exterior of The Shot Exchange, a business featured in Bar Rescue.

In this episode, Jon visits a bar in Santa Clarita, California that was successful when it first opened, but has since run up quite a bit of debt. To make matters worse, once the bar starts to pick up steam once again, the staff aren’t well-equipped to deal with all the new patrons, and amidst the chaos, a grease fire breaks out.

Even more ridiculous, the fire extinguisher kept on hand for just such an occasion fails, and if Jon hadn’t been there to handle the situation, things really could have gotten out of hand. While it’s hard to fathom the degree to which this was dramatized, a kitchen fire is never a good thing.

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