15 Quotes From Frozen 2 That Are Pure Magic

the long awaited frozen 2 it arrived in 2019 and was another hit for Disney. Many moments and lines in the film quickly became very popular. frozen 2 deals with many complex issues such as family, growing up, identity, and the history of colonialism.

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In many ways, it is a more mature film than Frozen, and handles these issues in more nuanced ways. That’s why so many of the best movie quotes are pretty insightful or inspiring.

Updated April 13, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: Regardless of which sister it was, both Elsa and Anna had great Frozen 2 quotes. The same could be said for the strong supporting cast that includes Kristoff and Olaf. Although this installment is not as iconic as the original, Frozen 2 managed to break its predecessor’s record as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. That means a lot of people watched it, and will probably continue to watch it over and over again on Disney+ now, and everyone probably remembers these magical quotes.


The bond between sisters

“You’ll always have me”.

Anna and Elsa meet again at the end of Frozen 2 as the fifth spiritual bridge

The relationship between Anna and Elsa is really at the center of this franchise more than anything else. Beyond that, the story of their parents and family history is what drives the plot and leads to the self-discovery and growth of these two princesses.

Anna’s steadfast nature and how she is always there for Elsa is extremely inspiring. So when she says this quote to Elsa, she is moving and inspiring and emphasizes what the two of them mean to each other. No matter what changes in their lives, they have each other.

kristoff understands anna

“My love is not fragile.”

One of the most refreshing things about the film is that romance is not the main plot. The sisterly relationship between Anna and Elsa is the core of the film, and the romance between Anna and Kristoff was the subplot.

Also, romance was more of a focus for Kristoff than it was for Anna, when most Disney movies in the past had the woman as the person who cared the most. While Kristoff worries and questions her relationship when he reunites with Anna near the end of the film, he trusts her relationship with her love, and it’s a really refreshing moment. He understands her place in Anna’s life.

learn from the past

“The past is not what it seems.”

Big Pabbie in Frozen 2

One of the most powerful aspects of the story is how critically it looks at the past and the themes of colonization and imperialism. This quote addresses this part of history and how important it is to examine history and how it has been taught.

Big Pabbie from the shiny movie trolls says this quote, and she’s definitely wise in how it applies to the world of frozen 2but it can also be applied to areas of the real world where the past may not be as easy to understand as we have been led to believe.

ask the right questions

“Why do lullabies always have to have some dire warning?”

Honeymaren, Ryer and Yelana in Frozen 2

Honeymaren says this quote to Elsa when they are discussing the song about Ahtohallan. While the song “All Is Found” may be beautiful with lovely lyrics, it’s also a bit haunting, especially since it’s meant to be a lullaby.

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This is also something that many people have pointed out about lullabies in the real world, so it’s definitely a funny moment when this is pointed out in the movie.

Anna’s faith in Elsa

“I believe in you Elsa, more than anyone or anything.”

One of the most powerful aspects of frozen 2 is that it focuses so much on the relationship between Anna and Elsa.

Their love for each other and bond as sisters is very strong and leads to many emotional moments. Anna’s respect and admiration for Elsa is truly endearing, and it’s clear that she is extremely loyal and committed to keeping Elsa safe. When she tells Elsa this line, it’s the kind of inspiration she desperately needs.

Olaf doesn’t care too much about the unknown.

“Who knows the ways of men?”

Olaf in Frozen 2 Enchanted Forest

While Olaf definitely had a lot of funny moments in the original, he has a lot in the sequel. Actually, this time he is a bit more complete as a character and less naive.

He is having a crisis about growth and philosophical issues. This is a funny line because it comes from a snowman, and it’s also funny to a lot of humans who wonder if we’re men in general. But it’s definitely done in a caring way that doesn’t mean anything cruel to men as a gender.

Anna gives good advice

“You are not responsible for his choices, Elsa.”

Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2

Anna is really the standout star of this film in many ways. While Elsa has plenty of inspirational and dramatic moments, Anna’s steadfast and loyal nature is what keeps them all going.

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It is clear that Elsa has many responsibilities and that she takes on many responsibilities. But luckily, Anna is there to help ease the load. She is definitely one of the inherently good and caring characters in the movie, and seeing her help Elsa on her journey is inspiring.

An important line for the whole movie

“Water is memory.”

This is another one of Olaf’s most philosophical quotes. He clearly likes to read a lot of metaphysical literature, and he offers this wise bit of wisdom. This quote is key to many plot points in the film.

And while water in the real world doesn’t work the same way because there’s no magic, it connects with a lot of the best things about the movie and its emphasis on respecting nature and other people and cultures. Olaf definitely has some moments where he gives good advice even when he doesn’t realize it.

elsa is not afraid

“You can’t trust fear.”

Elsa and the horse in Frozen 2

This is one of the best quotes Elsa says in the movie. It’s a great quote that can be applied to a lot of real life situations, so it’s quite inspiring in that regard. But, one of the things that makes this quote wonderful is how it reflects the journey that Elsa has taken.

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While in the first movie she was giving in to fear, she learned that fear is what is keeping her from controlling her powers and being herself. So saying this now is definitely a step forward in her character arc.

The heroic Elsa

“I promise you that I will free this forest and restore Arrendelle.”

Frozen 2 - Elsa and Bruni

Elsa is someone who carries a terrible weight of responsibility in this movie. Not only does she have her own people of Arendelle to think about, but she then learns that the people of Northuldra are also partly her responsibility as she tries to heal the hurt of the past.

While she doesn’t always know how to fix things, she always does her best to do the right thing and take care of people, which makes Elsa a great hero.

Olaf the philosopher

“How I wish it could stay this way forever, and yet the change mocks us with its beauty.”

Josh Gad as Olaf from Frozen 2

For Olaf, this film is about learning to grow and mature. He’s definitely struggling to deal with the fact that chance happens and nothing is permanent.

This is definitely a big theme in the movie, and this quote he says near the beginning is hilarious and relatable. While, as the song says, some things never change, there is definitely beauty in adapting and growing.

Acknowledging feelings is important

“You feel what you feel and your feelings are real.”

'Frozen' Kristoff and Sven

This is another quote from frozen 2 that’s extremely powerful because it can be applied to so many things that all viewers face. It’s actually Kristoff saying this quote while he’s pretending to be Sven, and it’s definitely something to try and live for.

This is an extremely validating line that reminds everyone that it’s okay to feel the way you feel and not let go of those feelings. While these characters are fun, they are also good at giving advice and helping people.

The Helpful Kristoff

“I’m here. What do you need?”

Sven and Kristoff side by side

This is the line that Kristoff says to Anna when they meet again near the end of the movie. This is another great moment because he shows that these two have a wonderful relationship.

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It’s also refreshing to see Kristoff being supportive and trying to help Anna with what she needs instead of trying to jump in and be the hero. He doesn’t try to take care of her, but listens to her and helps her as much as he can.

elsa needs answers

“Show yourself. Come into your power.”

This line is the only quote on this list that comes from one of the movie’s many great songs. There are many inspiring and magical lines in the soundtrack, but this one is especially enriching.

It is a key moment in Elsa’s journey to discover who she is and her power. It’s also a line that can inspire many viewers in their own lives to be who they are and discover the power of it.

A motto for a hero to live

“All one can do is the following correct thing.”

Anna Frozen 2 Coronation Queen Arendelle

Of all the lines that are memorable from frozen 2, this is the one that comes up the most and is the easiest message to carry. Grand Pabbie said it first, and then Anna said it as well as she remembers this message.

This is a great quote that can be applied to how to live life. The importance of trying to do the right thing is a great way to look at life decisions instead of focusing on planning everything perfectly.

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