10 Times Ross From Friends Was Underrated

While there is no doubt that David Schwimmer did an amazing job bringing the character of Ross to life on-screen in Friends, the character of Ross remains underrated. Since Ross is characterized with flaws, as he often makes mistakes, acts impulsively, and often believes himself to be correct, often to the point of arrogance, many fans have been quick to dismiss Ross as a good guy.

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However, Ross has proven time and time again that despite his flaws, he is sweet, trustworthy and the kind of friend the rest of the group came to depend on. His rational reasoning of him, passion for his career, care for friends and family and particular attention to detail make him the type of friend one can honestly trust in.

Wanting to Take Rachel to Prom

While it was clear that Ross liked Rachel from the start, the episode with the prom video demonstrated just how deep his feelings for her run. While her offer to take her to prom was sweet, what really stood out was the pain in her eyes after Rachel left with her date.

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Ross has spent a lot of time trying to make Rachel happy, but this gesture was a heartfelt attempt at establishing a better understanding with her after loving her from far for so long. The devestated expression upon seeing Rachel leaving demonstrated how much Ross loved Rachel.


Recreating Monica’s Childhood Memories

While Ross was clearly the favorite child in the eyes of both of their parents, he always tried to be a good brother to her, being aware of Monica’s insecurities. When Ross and Monica visit their childhood house to gather their childhood possessions since the house is being sold, Ross and Jack, her father, find that Monica’s stuff was destroyed due to flooding in the garage.

Ross immediately attempts to try and come up with a solution to protect Monica’s feelings by sorting some of his own stuff into boxes that could be passed off as Monica’s childhood items. He even tries to make his father more aware of their preferential treatment towards Ross and Monica’s feelings of inferiority.

Buying Phoebe a Bike

Most viewers would agree that purchasing Phoebe’s first bike as a gift was the most thoughtful things Ross did for his friends. What really stood out about this genuine gesture was that there was no incentive or occasion to buy her a gift from her.

Ross felt for her and believed that everyone should have a first bike, giving Phoebe the best present, she had ever gotten. Not only did he remember the details of the bike she described, but he spent time teaching her how to ride a bike. Furthermore, he convinced her to learn from her by telling her the bike is dying, speaking in her language from her, demonstrating how well he understood her, making this gesture truly wholesome.

Giving His Blessing to Joey and Rachel

The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else and Ross has experienced this pain watching Rachel with Chip, Pablo and Joey. When he first learns of Joey and Rachel, viewers can witness the pain in his face and hear the despair in his voice when he says he’s fine.

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Although Ross is criticized for how he reacted, it is often forgotten that he was dumbfounded when he unexpectedly saw them kissing. He also sought out Joey’s approval from her before moving ahead with her relationship with Charlie. Although Ross had a difficult time dealing with this, he took a mature approach saying he wants to be, and eventually will be, okay with their relationship. Despite his reluctance and discomfort with Joey and Rachel’s relationship, he tried his best to work past his insecurities of her as he did n’t want to be a barrier to their happiness.

Botched Keyboard Playing for Phoebe

While everyone in the group dismissed Ross’ keyboard playing, calling it horrible, Phoebe loved the unique nature of his music. Phoebe adored his keyboard music to the extent that she herself felt insecure playing her guitar in the café following his performance.

Since Ross understood how much Phoebe’s music meant to her, he was willing to give up playing. Considering Ross knew Phoebe would not be comfortable knowing he stopped playing for her, he purposely botched his subsequent performances of her so that Phoebe would continue playing without guilt, self-doubt or insecurities.

Helping the Girl with a Broken Leg

Although Ross’ attempt to help Sarah is often dismissed as an attempt to compensate for breaking her leg, Ross went out of his way to help her win a trip too Space Camp by selling her cookies. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to do so.

However, when he failed to sell the most cookies, he worked with Chandler and Joey to create the experience of a lifetime by decorating the apartment. This was an adorable gesture and Sarah’s smile from her was a wholesome moment of how Ross’ thoughtfulness brought happiness to others.

Walking Carol down the Aisle

Although Ross never hesitated to express his anguish towards his marriage falling apart and his disdain towards Susan for not respecting the relationship he had with his wife, he still put his discomfort and feelings of resentment aside to support Carol and Susan on their wedding day.

Ross encouraged Carol to go through with the wedding ceremony after she fought with Susan. In the absence of her parents’ presence on her wedding day, Ross took the initiative to walk her down the aisle, giving her away from her. He also shared a dance with Susan, which was a sweet moment that demonstrated how caring he is towards others.

Helping at the Ski Lodge

While there is often difficulty acting civil after breaking up, both Ross and Rachel went through the usual stages of denial, bargaining, anger, and depression. While both Ross and Rachel were uncomfortable in each other’s presence, there were conflicts in making plans with the rest of the friend group.

However, when Rachel invited everyone but Ross, he drove all the way just to fill their car with gas. Although he clearly feels left out, he encourages the rest to continue their weekend plans without him. At a time when both Ross and Rachel were being petty, it was considerate of him to understand how Rachel would have felt had he tagged along.

Buying Joey the Dog

While Ross and Joey initially argued over what Joey should do regarding his financial shortcomings, Ross took a rational approach whereas Joey believed he should hold off for something better.

However, despite their difference in opinions, Ross apologized for his narrow-mindedness saying he should do what he believes is right. Seeing how upset he was with having to rid of his new stuff from him, Ross offered to buy the dog as a keepsake for him, and continued to encourage Joey’s career from him.

Letting Rachel Win in Poker

Ross has been characterized as extremely competitive, such as when playing Bamboozled or playing for the Geller cup, there were times he was willing to let things go for the sake of those around him. While playing poker, he often bragged to the point of arrogance.

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However, seeing how much a single poker game meant to her, he made it clear that he was folding the better hand, demonstrating that his feelings for her triumphed over his desire to win. Ross pointing out how happy she is said everything, from how deep his feelings de ella ran from her, how willing he was to put his ego away from her and how he understood what she needed in that moment.

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