10 Things You Need To Know About How They Cast Big Brother

For a long time, the term “Big Brother” only referred to the powerful presence in George Orwell’s masterpiece. 1984. In this popular and iconic book, everyone is being watched all the time, and it’s definitely unnerving.

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reality series Eldest brother is inspired by that idea, as it is about contestants who live together in a house and the audience can see every moment of the drama. But how do people get along Eldest brother First of all? With over 30,000 applicants each year, the odds may seem slim, but there are plenty of ways to improve your odds of winning a spot in the program.


The app suggests that not everyone likes each other

Big Brother 7 star cast

There are always villains in Eldest brother And these are people who always seem to stir up trouble, create drama, and make people angry. It turns out that this begins even in the casting process.

The app wants the prospective cast member to consider personality types that they don’t like and would be excited about. According to blurred realitythe app says “As much as you think you get along with everyone, YOU DON’T”.

Personality and IQ tests are given

Both personality and IQ tests are given to prospective cast members, according to blurred reality. This is interesting to learn, especially since there are contestants that fans just don’t love.

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The personality test had two tests that lasted from 15 minutes to half an hour and a multiple choice test that lasted 60 minutes. Someone who auditioned for the show said blurred reality those questions involved “what would they think if their mother was revealed to be a murderer.”

The health of the contestants is considered

The official casting website for big brother canada notes that “you must be in excellent physical and mental health” if anyone is going to apply to be on the show.

This makes sense, as filming takes place over a long period of time and it would be difficult if someone had to leave halfway through.

People who make it through the first round go to Los Angeles

Of course, tons of people apply to be on reality shows all the time and listen to absolutely nothing, which would be disappointing. But when people have successful applications and pass the first round, they go to Los Angeles to audition.

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People say that it’s a “long process” and that no one really knows all the details of this stage of the journey, but as mentioned above, there are IQ tests and other hurdles that everyone must overcome.

The process involves an application, a video and an audition

To be considered for Eldest brothereveryone must complete an application, submit a video and, if chosen, must pass an audition.

It definitely seems like people have to put in a lot of time and hard work to get to the audition stage.

The casting director wants people to be true to themselves

Casting director Robyn Kass said she wants people to be true to themselves during the audition process. She said Globalnews.ca“I’d rather just have a conversation with you than have you stand in front of me and say the cliche Eldest brother things you think I want to hear. Those are the ones I don’t want to hear.”

That’s interesting, as many people may adopt fake personalities or be too exaggerated during the audition because they may think their real self is too boring. But that won’t make anyone successful, and the best guests are compelling people who are exactly who they are.

There is nothing wrong with applying more than once

It would be hard to be turned away from Eldest brother and wants to apply again when the casting process begins next season. But experts say that’s exactly what people should think about doing.

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There is nothing wrong with applying more than once because growers can change their minds each season. Someone might not appeal one season and the next, they seem to be a good fit.

Open hours are best.

It’s fun to learn BTS details about Eldest brother and this is a juicy one. Natalie Negrotti, who was in season 18, said that she quit her job before she was cast on the show. She explained that she applied for the show while she still had her regular job, but it soon became too slow.

If people really want to be on the show, they need to have an open schedule to be ready for the long audition process.

Keep in mind that everyone is a “character”

people being kicked out Eldest brother they are “characters”. This is something that can be easy to forget, but it’s amazing advice for those who dream of being on their favorite reality show.

This is why fans would love to see Bachelor cast members in Eldest brotheras these people have great personalities that would impress and be entertaining.

Being boring is definitely not enough

Someone who auditioned for Eldest brother shared their experience in Reddit and said they were in Raleigh, North Carolina for the process.

They said that the casting director made sure that people didn’t say really boring things. When one person gave a rather bland response, she said, “Do you really think we haven’t heard that before? What stands out about you?” It is a good reminder that when someone wants to reach Eldest brotherThey have to be unique and original.

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