10 Most Skippable Episodes of ‘Community’ According to IMDb (But Why They’re Still Good)

For many seasons, Community entertained us with its unique characters, humorous storylines, and smart references. Underrated during its run, this TV show has continued to build a fanbase through its second life on Hulu and Netflix.

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However, with every good TV show, some episodes are less successful than others. This doesn’t mean they’re terrible, though. As, especially when it comes to Communityit can be argued that every episode has something that makes it enjoyable and binge-worthy for the audience regardless of its rating.

“Economics of Marine Biology” (S4 E07, 6.7/10 Rating) — PEE and Millionaire Whales

The seventh episode of Season 4, this episode sees Greendale Community College trying to attract a whale (a rich person who is a perpetual student). In the meantime, Troy and Shirley take a “Physical Education Education” class, where Shirley (yvette nicole brown) excels while Troy (donald glover) unexpectedly struggles.

annieAlison Brie) and Dean Pelton’s (Jim Rush) attempts to lure in their whale is quite entertaining to watch here, especially as they escalate into Magnitude (Luke Youngblood) losing his “pop pop” catchphrase. The culmination of this narrative is Magnitude’s almost mental breakdown trying to come up with a new phrase, leading Annie and Pelton to realize the error of their ways. Shirley and Troy’s class does get a little ridiculous, but Abed’s (Danny Pudi) B-story of starting a fraternity does provide additional moments of humor.


“Intro to Felt Surrogacy” (S4 E09, 6.8/10 Rating) — Puppets and Music

In a very experimental and creative episode that is very common for Community, this episode sees the study group recall a traumatic experience through hand puppets. What follows is a Muppet-esque musical episode with occasional interaction with human guest stars.

Admittedly, the musical part of this episode might feel a little out of place (especially when they do it better in other holiday episodes). This aside, the use of puppetry as a main narrative tool is quite entertaining. To begin the episode with everyone unable to look at each other for an unknown reason provides a hook to get the audience intrigued from the get-go.

“Alternative History of the German Invasion” (S4 E04, 7.1/10 Rating) — Oktoberfest and Changesia

This episode sees the reintroduction of the foosball Germans from “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism” (S3 E09) when they end up in the same history class. Throughout the episode, they seek to best the Germans once again when a battle for the study room begins. Secondary to this is the reintroduction of Chang, who appears to be suffering from Changnesia.

Introduced at the beginning of the episode is the concept of “History being written by the victors,” and this concept is executed very well throughout. Initially, the study group believes that they are the heroes as they always appear to be. However, they soon discover that they are actually the villains when their fellow students turn on them and reveal the consequences of their actions.

“History 101” (S4 E01, 7.2 Rating) — Hunger Deans and Imaginary TV Shows

The first episode after creator Dan Harmon was replaced as showrunner, this kicks off the study group’s senior year. Abed struggles with the reality of eventually graduating and imagines his version of Community that will keep the study group together forever. Needing a history class to graduate early, Jeff (Joel McHale) participates in a competition to obtain the group’s entrance into the “History of Icecream” class. While this is happening, Annie and Shirley pull senior pranks on Dean Pelton.

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In all, Season 4 is disliked by fans for a perceived drop in quality following the ousting of Harmon. However, this does not mean that the episodes are without their positives. Here, Abed’s imagined shows are pretty funny, especially as they begin to collapse as reality sets in. Additionally, Annie’s impersonation of Dean Pelton when Shirley tries to teach her how to pull pranks is highly memorable.

“Advanced Safety Features” (S6 E07, 7.2 Rating) — Guerilla Marketing and Making Friends

This episode sees the return of the character of Subway (real name Rick, played by Travis Schuldt), who is now a guerilla Honda salesperson. I have reunites with Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and lists her to help sell cars. Elsewhere, Abed and Annie try to become better friends with the new group member, Elroy (Keith David), and Jeff becomes jealous when they manage to.

It’s the Britta and Rick plot that shines in this episode. Though the character development of Elroy is good to see, watching the two of them enact subliminal selling strategies on their fellow Greendalians is very entertaining. Add to this Dean Pelton’s hilarious susceptibility to this marketing and Britta’s final closure with Rick by the episode’s end. You could argue that this episode is better than it gets credit for.

“Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy” (S2 E18, 7.3 Rating) — Fathers and the Balkans

Coming towards the end of the second season, the A plot of this episode sees Shirley enlist Jeff’s help to get Chang to sign away his parental rights to her unborn baby. In the B plot, Britta romances Abed and Troy’s new friend Luca and finds out he is a war criminal.

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Possibly disliked by fans due to its lack of hijinx, this episode of Community is an example of the show dealing with more serious issues. The B plot’s use of war crimes may be cringeworthy, but the A Plot with Jeff turning Shirley’s request from him to his advantage from him is very much a Jeff-worthy act. Chang is also less grating here as he tries to work out how to act like a father.

“Conventions in Space and Time” (S4 E03, 7.3 Rating) — Focus Groups and Make Believe

A reintroduction of the fictitious program Inspector Spacetime, this episode sees the study group attend a convention for the show. Troy becomes jealous of Abed’s new friend Toby (guest star Matt Lucas) at the convention, while Pierce (Chevy-Chase) and Shirley get brought in for a focus group. Elsewhere, Annie pretends to be Jeff’s wife, and Jeff hits on a woman while pretending to be an Inspector Spacetime actor.

reintroducing Inspector Spacetime (Community’s version of Doctor Who) is always an entertaining addition to the show. Additionally, having the episode based around the show but not focused solely on it is a smart move as Community has already done other episodes like this (see S3 E16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”). Annie’s escalating play-acting, especially with hotel staff, is also an excellent side story.

“Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations” (S4 E05, 7.4 Rating) — Thanksgiving and Prison

In a tale of two Thanksgivings, one sees Britta accompany Jeff to his reunion with his father, while the other has the rest of the study group attend Shirley’s family dinner. While Jeff and Britta’s storyline plays out in traditional fashion, Abed narrates a The Shawshank Redemption-esque storyline at Shirley’s.

It’s The Shawshank Redemption plot that is quite literally the redemption of this episode. While Jeff’s storyline has important character development, it doesn’t quite hit the mark with its guest stars. Luckily, the combination of Abed, Troy, and Annie is always a good one, and the juxtaposition with Shirley as their warden is expertly done.

‘Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care’ (S6 E02, 7.4 Rating) — Virtual Reality and Parents

In the second episode of Season 6, this episode opens with Britta moving in with Annie and Abed. She soon discovers that her parents have been giving her the two money and funding her life from a distance in general. Elsewhere, Jeff and Frankie try to correct Dean Pelton’s mistake of buying a virtual reality system.

Dean Pelton’s increasing obsession with the VR system is hilarious, especially since the system is not only bad but needlessly complex. Jeff’s pairing with Frankie is also a particularly good pairing due to Jeff’s sarcasm and Frankie’s straightforwardness. Ella’s rebellion against her parents is slightly annoying, but her conversation with Frankie is also quite good.

“Basic Email Security” (S6 E06, 7.4 Rating) — Hackers and Emails

This Season 6 episode sees the Save Greendale Committee (previously the study group) threatened to have their emails exposed by an unknown hacker. The only way to avoid this is to cancel a controversial comedy act. Despite the group generally disliking the act, they decide to go up against the hacker, and their emails are released.

The conversation the group has regarding the release of personal information provides pointed commentary on the real-life hacking of the personal data of celebrities. Additionally, the scene where everyone confronts one another after their emails are leaked is particularly entertaining.

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