10 Best Quotes From The Original Hellraiser Movie

Warning: This article contains graphic images and descriptions.

An adaptation of his 1986 novel. the hellish heart, hellraiser was the directorial debut of horror author Clive Barker, and remains to this day one of his most recognized efforts. Although never mentioned by name in the original film, Pinhead became a horror icon who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Freddie Kreuger and Jason Vorhees, and the legion of cenobites became one of the scariest baddies in cinema. .

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Having sprung from the imagination of a famous writer, hellraiser it’s an exceptionally well-written film, particularly for the genre. Nearly every scene contains a memorable quote, and few could forget the film’s poignant and terrifying final act.


It’s yours. Always it was.

“What is your pleasure, sir?” – Puzzle Box Merchant

In the film’s opening sequence, viewers watch Frank Cotton buy the puzzle box from a mysterious merchant. It’s not clear if the shopkeeper knew exactly what he was selling, but the ominous underpinnings of the scene suggest that he was at least somewhat aware of the box’s terrifying powers.

Concluding with a shocking full circle finale, hellraiser‘s final scene again sees the shopkeeper selling a puzzle box. Now he delivers the ominous line “what’s the pleasure of it, sir?” his malicious intent is now seen much more clearly given what the public now knows about his products.

I thought I’d gone to the limits

“The cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits. Pain and pleasure, indivisible.” – Frank cotton

In search of the farthest reaches of hedonism, Frank Cotton searched for a mysterious puzzle box that was rumored to grant those who solve it their last wishes. However, what he finds is an experience far beyond the limits of the human body, and he suffers unimaginable torture at the hands of the Cenobites, who see pain and pleasure as one.

Able to be partially reincarnated thanks to his brother’s blood, Frank returns and explains to Julia what had happened to him. His pursuit of unknown pleasures had cost him dearly, and presumably he would have to spend eternity under the yoke of the Cenobites.

You opened it. We came.

“Explorers in the furthest regions of experience. Demons for some. Angels for others.” – pin head

After Kirsty escapes from Frank, she becomes exhausted and wakes up in a hospital room, with little memory of what just happened. Without realizing it, she solves the puzzle box and summons the Cenobites, who hint at her true purpose and nature.

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Pleading with Pinhead, who is simply credited as the main Cenobite in this movie, Kirsty asks who they are, and Pinhead replies with this vague statement. It is one of the most emblematic scenes of the first hellraiser film, and cemented Barker’s sadomasochistic creatures from beyond as unforgettable horror movie staples.

No do not do that!

“Go to hell!” -Cotton Kirsty

After accidentally summoning the Cenobites, Kirsty makes a deal and agrees to take them to Frank Cotton in exchange for her life. Pinhead reluctantly agrees, but, while Frank is eventually recaptured, the Cenobites are not satisfied and return for Kristy. Fortunately, she uses her wits to solve the puzzle box once more, granting him the ability to return the Cenobites to her dimension.

When he notices this, Pinhead delivers a booming retort, and Kristy responds with this fearsome line. It may not be as memorable as some of hellraiser‘s standout quotes, but the force that actor Ashley Laurence put behind him allowed him to stand out.

you know me and the blood

“Every drop of blood you spill puts more meat on my bones.” – Frank cotton

A skinless Frank talking to Julia in the original Hellraiser movie.

Frank is able to sneak past the Cenobites after Larry accidentally bleeds on the ground, but it’s not enough to bring him back fully. He returns as a ghastly skeleton covered in oozing shreds of flesh, and secludes himself in the attic, desperate for more blood.

Julia eventually finds him and agrees to go on a killing spree to restore her former lover. With each death, Frank becomes more human, eventually reaching a state where he could pretend to be more or less normal with the help of his brother’s skin.

Savor Our Pleasures

“No tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.” – pin head

A Hellraiser movie poster featuring Pinhead.

After Kristy solves the puzzle box during the third act of the film, the Cenobites arrive and demand that she come with them to their world. Desperate and with no apparent way out, she begs Pinhead on the verge of tears. The Cenobite boss, far beyond human empathy, simply replies with “no tears, please. It’s a waste of good suffering.”

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The line highlights the sadomasochistic desire of the cenobites and underlines the fact that, for them, suffering is a kind of perverse joy, which is a concept integral to the hellraiser franchise.

it’s uncle frank

“Come with Daddy.” – Frank cotton

Possibly one of the most disturbing lines in the film, Frank Cotton repeatedly utters this line as he chases after Christie in a desperate attempt to complete his transformation. Fortunately, Kristy is able to evade it and draw the Cenobites’ attention to her escape.

The line “come daddy” highlights the disgusting sexual feelings explored by the hellraiser franchise. For Cenobites, there is nothing too disgusting or wicked, and Frank’s vaguely sexual and overtly threatening comments reflect his utter depravity.

you come with us

“We have such sights to show you.” – pin head

Kristy may have been able to use Frank as a brief distraction, but Pinhead would never let her get away. After ripping her uncle apart in an absolutely horrific way, the Cenobites descend on Kristy, determined to introduce her to a whole new world of hellish delights.

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Hovering over Kristy, Pinhead, in his trademark commanding voice, muses that he and the other Cenobites “have things to show her.” However, things don’t go as planned for Pinhead, as Kristy solves the puzzle box once again and wields the power to send her tormentors back to where they came from.

We want the man who did this

“Jesus wept.” – Frank cotton

Once the Cenobites finally catch up to Frank, who was wearing his brother’s skin, they chain him up and reduce him to a bloody mess. However, before they completely destroy him, he licks his teeth in a horrible display before looking at Kristy and saying “Jesus wept.”

According Leviathan: The Hellraiser Story and Hellbound: Hellraiser IIFrank was originally supposed to just say “f*** you,” but actor Andrew Robinson convinced Clive Barker to change the line to something much more soulful. The quote is likely intended to convey that, given all he experienced and endured, Frank believed that his suffering was beyond that of Jesus.

no one escapes us

“We will destroy your soul.” – pin head

Pinhead speaking an iconic line in the 1987 horror film Hellraiser.

Probably the most memorable line uttered by Pinhead throughout the entirety of the hellraiser film franchise, threatens Kristy with harrowing torture if she tries to betray the Cenobites as they search for Frank Cotton. Ultimately, it was less of a threat and more of a promise, as Pinhead never planned on letting Kristy get away in the first place.

“We will destroy your soul” is remembered today as one of the best horror movie witties of all time. Very few of cinema’s biggest monsters are as eloquent as Pinhead, and his commanding voice and presence help make the line all the more unforgettable.

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